December 2016: Michael Slager Trial Is Declared a Mistrial

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff

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Here's a slideshow depicting the major U.S. news events of December 2016.

Michael Slager Trial Is Declared a Mistrial
Image of Michael Slager
On Dec. 5, 2016, Judge Clifton Newman of South Carolina declares a mistrial in the case of Michael Slager. Slager, a police officer, shot and killed an unarmed, 50-year-old black man, Walter Scott, in April 2015. The video of the shooting sparked many Black Lives Matter protests. Judge Newman calls a mistrial because the jury is unable to come to a unanimous decision, even after 22 hours of deliberation over 4 days. Scott's family members vow to continue their fight for justice.
Photo source: Grace Beahm/Post and Courier via AP, Pool

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