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The Wage Gap

Gender Wage Gap by Selected Occupations, 2000

Best and Worst State Economies

20 Leading Occupations, U.S. Women, 2012

20 Leading Occupations, U.S. Women, 2010

Occupations with Highest Median Weekly Earnings

Timeline of Women’s Suffrage Granted, by Country

Facts About Women in the House and the Senate

Women in Congress

The National Women's Hall of Fame

Places Where Women Made History

Women on Death Row Are Still Rare

Women's History Month

The Wage Gap: A History

In the Labor Force

Mothers Participating in Labor Force

20 Leading Occupations of Employed Women

Median Annual Income by Level of Education and Sex


Milestones in the Gay Rights Movement

The American Gay Rights Movement: A Timeline

What Is a Civil Union?

Pride Month

Being Transgender Today

America in Transition

U.S. Policies on Same-Sex Marriage

International Policies on Same-Sex Marriage

A Primer on Same-Sex Marriage, Civil Unions, Domestic Partnerships, and Defense of Marriage Acts

Same-Sex Partner Households With Children in the U.S.

These Kids Are All Right, Too

Same-Sex Partner Households by U.S. State

Same-Sex Partner Households in U.S. Cities

Characteristics of Couple Households

Gender of Sexual Partners in the United States

Gender Issues Websites

Timeline: Gays in Pop Culture

Coming Out While Still in the Game

America's Most Gay-Friendly Cities

2013: A Breakthrough Year for Same-Sex Marriage


National Violence against Women Survey

Domestic Violence

The Silent, Violent Epidemic

The Abolition of Female Genital Mutilation

Prevalence of Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse