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Global population map. The dark patch in Northern India, from Punjab to Bihar, contains more people than the U.S.

Sometimes you just need some hard data to fully understand things; it means a lot more to say "1.3 billion people live in poverty" than to say "a lot." That's why Infoplease has compiled some useful statistics to help you out. Here you will find population, social, economic, health and political data on every country in the world.

General World Statistics

Need to build a foundation before diving into the more niche subjects? Unable to find statistics for Zaire? Read about the definition of a country, countries that have changed names, and more.  

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Economic Statistics

Depending on who you ask, the flow of resources is the defining factor of where, why, and how people live the way they do today. Learn about the richest and poorest countries, global income inequality, and more. 

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Health and Social Statistics

The wellbeing of the public is arguably the most important metric of all. Read about the best countries for women, the countries with the best life expectancy, and more. Be sure to also compare with the other categories to see how public health is affected by other factors. 

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Political Issues

From business to migration, all interactions worldwide come back to politics. Explore the political issues that continue to shape the world, including immigration, communism vs. capitalism, and more. 

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Population Statistics

Probably the most important statistic of all is just how many people there are. There can't be war or politics or an economy without people. Learn about the global population, the most populated countries, the world's biggest cities, and more.

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Worldwide Conflicts and Wars

Unfortunately, the world is not always a peaceful place. Whether motivated by money or politics, there are wars and conflicts across the globe. Discover the state of these conflicts and their impact. 

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