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World Geography Historical Map of the Earth and Countries
Paolo Forlini's "Universal Description of the Whole World Known So Far," 1565. We've learned a bit since then.

Humans are born with an immense curiosity about the world we live in. A big part of understanding that world is knowing what it looks like; that's why generations of cartographers and scholars have toiled endlessly to map out the Earth. Luckily, our geography resources are here to help you out, toil-free. View maps of the world, calculate the distance between locations, find latitude and longitude, read about noteworthy explorers, and more.

World Geography

The Earth's surface is home to countless communities and nature sites--there is no count of every mountain, for example. No one can study them all, but Infoplease can help you learn about the most important natural features and more. Click on the links below to learn a bit more about cultural geography/human geography, physical geography, and about the natural environment of the planet Earth.

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Monuments and Landmarks

Monuments and landmarks are iconic symbols of history, culture, and architecture. They stand as proud reminders of human achievement and serve as popular tourist attractions around the world. From the impressive pyramids of Egypt to the magnificent Eiffel Tower in Paris, these structures inspire awe and wonder, and offer a glimpse into the past. Join us as we explore some of the world's most famous landmarks and monuments, both in the United States and across the globe.

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United States Geography

The United States is a vast and varied country, from the Sierra Nevada to the Everglades, from the Grand Canyon to the Berkshires, from sea to shining sea. Check out our maps and regional geography data to learn more.

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Useful Tools

Don't know where to start? Try our Geography Guide for a smattering of facts, quizzes, questions to the editor, and more. Or, if you're looking for something very specific, try our other tools to find your answer. 

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World, Country, and State Maps

Not enough can be said about the value of maps. Whether you're studying history or planning your next vacation, good cartography can make all the difference. Infoplease has you covered with a whole slew of maps covering every country and continent.

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