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Why Infoplease.com?

Users come to infoplease.com to feed their hunger for facts and information. If you are interested in advertising on Infoplease or Fact Monster or have any other advertising questions, please email advertise@fen.com

About Infoplease.com


Information Please began as a famous 1930s hit radio show, and went on to become one of America's premier almanacs. From 1947 through 1997 it was published annually under the title The Information Please Almanac; since 1998 it has been published by Time Magazine as The TIME Almanac with Information Please. In 1998, Infoplease.com was launched on the Web, and quickly became an authoritative and respected reference for Internet users. The website is especially popular with students—as well as anyone looking for reliable, well-researched facts. Over 9 million visitors come to Infoplease.com for answers each month, viewing some 35 million pages of content.

Infoplease.com contains:

Infoplease.com Audience Demographics

Over 9 million unique visitors come to Infoplease.com each month.

Over 35 million pages are viewed each month.

Infoplease.com is heavily used by students, from high school through graduate school.

Site visitors are heavy purchasers of music, books, computers, and consumer electronics.

The audience is 52% female, 48% male.

  • Age Ranges
  • 15% are younger than 18 years old.
  • 25% are 18–24 years old.
  • 35% are 25–44 years old.
  • 15% are 45– 64 years old.
  • 10% are 65 or older.

Contextual Targeting/Customization

Ads can be targeted to pages with relevant content, including these verticals:

We can create content to meet your advertising needs, or repurpose your existing content within Infoplease.com templates.


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