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Infoplease is dedicated to getting you the information you want and keeping you informed. A big part of that mission is keeping you up to date on some of the important current events happening in the world today. Read about major news events from years past up to today, including developments in the United States and in countries around the world.

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The Year in Review

At the end of each year, we like to look back on the top stories that gripped the public and had a lasting impact. 

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Previous Years' Featured Events

Infoplease has been in the business for over twenty years, and in that time we've written quite a number of news updates and current events. They're not exactly current any more, but they offer a glimpse back at some of the biggest news events of the millennium. Read on to learn about the hottest scoops of yesteryear. 

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Special Issues

Some issues are too big to tackle in our brief news updates. That's why the editors at Infoplease have made separate articles diving deeper into some of the most important (or confusing) news items of the past years. 

Net Neutrality Explained
2014 Midterm Elections
Boko Haram Terrorizes Students and Civilians in Nigeria
Botched Oklahoma Execution Raises Concerns
Campaign 2016
Deflategate and Other Sports Scandals
Ferguson Shooting Sparks National Outrage
General Motors Recalls
History of Violence against Russian Opposition
ISIS Timeline
Mediterranean Migrant Deaths
Migrant Minors Flood into the U.S.
NYC Police Officers Turn Their Backs on Mayor
Obamacare Faces Critical Legal Challenge
Obamacare Rebounds After Shaky Roll-out
Obama's Executive Action Delays Deportation of 5 Million Immigrants
O'Bannon v. NCAA
Osama bin Laden is killed in Pakistan
Russia Annexes Crimea
Scottish Independence Referendum
Senator Wages War on the CIA
Seventeen People Killed in Terrorist Attacks in France
The 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide of 1915
The 2014 Hamas Israel Conflict
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
The Khorasan Group: Al-Qaeda Offshot Operating in Syria
The NFL Drops the Ball
The NSA Surveillance Program: 2014 Developments
The R Word: Washington Redskins Controversy
U.S. Frees Taliban Prisoners in Exchange for Army Sergeant
VA Medical Care Controversy
Washington State Mudslide
White House Intruder Sheds Light on Secret Service Shortcomings


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