Women's History Month

Women's History Month

A celebration of women's many accomplishments

Supreme Court Women Associate Justices
The women of the U.S. Supreme Court
Source: AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Women's History Month

More Biographies of Notable Women

March is the month when we take the time to look back and honor the many achievements of women through history and the vast strides made by women today. Learn more about some of the world's greatest women, the struggle for women's rights, and a bit about the history of women's history.  

History and Timelines

Read up on important landmarks in the history of women's rights.

Modern Women's Issues and Activities

To learn more about various issues that affect women today, teach kids the importance of women's history, or just quiz yourself and prove your knowledge, try our facts and activities page.

The National Women's Hall of Fame

The National Women's Hall of Fame is the only national membership organization that honors and celebrates the achievements of American women. Founded in 1969 in Seneca Falls, New York, where in 1848 the first Women's Rights Convention was held, the Hall inducts distinguished women and offers programs and exhibits in Seneca Falls, the Finger Lakes area, Washington, D.C., and elsewhere.

Women are chosen for inclusion in the Hall of Fame on the basis of:

  • The value of their contribution to society, to significant groups within society, or to the progress and freedom of women.
  • Their contributions to art, athletics, business, government, philanthropy, humanities, science, and education.
  • The enduring value of their achievements.

For further information, contact The National Women's Hall of Fame, 76 Fall Street, Seneca Falls, N.Y. 13148. Phone: (315) 568-8060.

Women's Hall of Fame Honorees

To read more about the remarkable women singled out for recognition by the Hall of Fame, be sure to check our Biographies of Notable Women. These include:



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