U.S. Minimum Wage Rates

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As of January 1, 2015

Find a list of the federal and state minimum wage rates in the United States, according to state name in alphabetical order and the dollar value as of January 2015.

State Minimum
minimum wage
Alabama1 n.a.
Alaska 8.75
Arizona 8.05
Arkansas 7.50
California 9.00
Colorado 8.23
Connecticut 9.15
Delaware 7.75
District of Columbia 9.50
Florida 8.05
Georgia 5.15
Hawaii 7.75
Idaho 7.25
Illinois 8.25
Indiana 7.25
Iowa 7.25
Kansas 7.25
Kentucky 7.25
Louisiana1 n.a.
Maine 7.50
Maryland 8.00
Massachusetts 9.00
Michigan 8.15
Minnesota 8.00
Mississippi1 n.a.
Missouri 7.65
Montana 8.05
Nebraska 8.00
Nevada 8.25
New Hampshire 7.25
New Jersey 8.38
New Mexico 7.50
New York 8.75
North Carolina 7.25
North Dakota 7.25
Ohio 8.10
Oklahoma 7.25
Oregon 9.25
Pennsylvania 7.25
Rhode Island 9.00
South Carolina1 n.a.
South Dakota 8.50
Tennessee1 n.a.
Texas 7.25
Utah 7.25
Vermont 9.15
Virginia 7.25
Washington 9.47
West Virginia 8.00
Wisconsin 7.25
Wyoming 5.15

NOTE: A state cannot reduce the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Most states have adopted minimums, although many simply track the FLSA. Others are broader, for example, covering workers not covered under the FLSA or setting higher minimums than the federal rate. Some states set a state minimum lower than the federal rate. In that case, all workers in the state who are covered by the FLSA must receive the federal minimum. When state laws require a higher wage, employers must pay at least that higher rate to all workers covered by the state law, whether or not they also are covered by the federal law. Some minimum wage rates in this table apply only to large companies or employers with a certain dollar amount of receipts. Smaller companies may either have to pay a different minimum wage (which is not listed here) or there may be no minimum wage requirement at all.

1Does not have state minimum wage law.

Source: AFL-CIO; U.S. Department of Labor; National Conference of State Legislatures.

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