The Little Book of Modern Verse

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A Selection from the work of contemporaneous American poets

[Selections made in 1913.]


Sincere thanks are due to my friend Thomas S. Jones, Jr., who, during my absence in Europe, has kindly taken charge of all details incident to putting "The Little Book of Modern Verse" through the press.


Lord of my Heart's Elation (Bliss Carman)
Gloucester Moors (William Vaughn Moody)
On a Subway Express (Chester Firkins)
The Automobile (Percy MacKaye)
The Black Vulture (George Sterling)
Chavez (Mildred McNeal Sweeney)
The Sea Gypsy (Richard Hovey)
At Gibraltar (George Edward Woodberry)
Euchenor Chorus (Arthur Upson)
He whom a Dream hath possessed (Shaemas O Sheel)
The Kings (Louise Imogen Guiney)
Mockery (Louis Untermeyer)
An Ode in Time of Hesitation (William Vaughn Moody)
Candlemas (Alice Brown)
The Unreturning (Bliss Carman)
A Song in Spring (Thomas S. Jones, Jr.)
May is building her House (Richard Le Gallienne)
Here is the Place where Loveliness keeps House (Madison Cawein)
Water Fantasy (Fannie Stearns Davis)
Bacchus (Frank Dempster Sherman)
Da Leetla Boy (Thomas Augustine Daly)
Agamede's Song (Arthur Upson)
Why (Bliss Carman)
The Wife from Fairyland (Richard Le Gallienne)
Life (John Hall Wheelock)
Song is so old (Hermann Hagedorn)
That Day you came (Lizette Woodworth Reese)
Song. "For me the jasmine buds unfold" (Florence Earle Coates)
Mother (Theresa Helburn)
Songs for my Mother (Anna Hempstead Branch)
The Daguerreotype (William Vaughn Moody)
Tears (Lizette Woodworth Reese)
The Sea-Lands (Orrick Johns)
Bag-Pipes at Sea (Clinton Scollard)
The Heart's Country (Florence Wilkinson)
Joyous-Gard (Thomas S. Jones, Jr.)
The Secret (George Edward Woodberry)
The Nightingale unheard (Josephine Preston Peabody)
Only of thee and me (Louis Untermeyer)
When the Wind is low (Cale Young Rice)
Love Triumphant (Frederic Lawrence Knowles)
Be still. The Hanging Gardens were a dream (Trumbull Stickney)
The Tears of Harlequin (Theodosia Garrison)
The Buried City (George Sylvester Viereck)
The Ride to the Lady (Helen Gray Cone)
Evensong (Ridgely Torrence)
Witchery (Frank Dempster Sherman)
Golden Pulse (John Myers O'Hara)
Sappho (Sara Teasdale)
Harps hung up in Babylon (Arthur Colton)
Live blindly (Trumbull Stickney)
Love's Springtide (Frank Dempster Sherman)
Wanderers (George Sylvester Viereck)
Ballade of my Lady's Beauty (Joyce Kilmer)
Grieve not, Ladies (Anna Hempstead Branch)
Of Joan's Youth (Louise Imogen Guiney)
I shall not care (Sara Teasdale)
Love came back at Fall o' Dew (Lizette Woodworth Reese)
There's Rosemary (Olive Tilford Dargan)
Love's Ritual (Charles Hanson Towne)
Grey Rocks, and Greyer Sea (Charles G. D. Roberts)
"Grandmither, think not I forget" (Willa Sibert Cather)
When I am dead and Sister to the Dust (Elsa Barker)
Little Gray Songs from St. Joseph's (Grace Fallow Norton)
Irish Peasant Song (Louise Imogen Guiney)
The Prince (Josephine Dodge Daskam)
Four Winds (Sara Teasdale)
A West-Country Lover (Alice Brown)
A Winter Ride (Amy Lowell)
Sic Vita (William Stanley Braithwaite)
Across the Fields to Anne (Richard Burton)
The House and the Road (Josephine Preston Peabody)
The Path to the Woods (Madison Cawein)
Sometimes (Thomas S. Jones, Jr.)
Renascence (Edna St. Vincent Millay)
Souls (Fannie Stearns Davis)
Fiat Lux (Lloyd Mifflin)
The Dreamer (Nicholas Vachel Lindsay)
A Caravan from China comes (Richard Le Gallienne)
As I came down from Lebanon (Clinton Scollard)
The Only Way (Louis V. Ledoux)
The Dust Dethroned (George Sterling)
Kinchinjunga (Cale Young Rice)
Scum o' the Earth (Robert Haven Schauffler)
Da Boy from Rome (Thomas Augustine Daly)
The Fugitives (Florence Wilkinson)
The Song of the Unsuccessful (Richard Burton)
They went forth to Battle, but they always fell (Shaemas O Sheel)
The Eagle that is forgotten (Nicholas Vachel Lindsay)
A Memorial Tablet (Florence Wilkinson)
To-Day (Helen Gray Cone)
The Man with the Hoe (Edwin Markham)
Exordium (George Cabot Lodge)
The Frozen Grail (Elsa Barker)
The Unconquered Air (Florence Earle Coates)
The Happiest Heart (John Vance Cheney)
To a New York Shop-Girl dressed for Sunday (Anna Hempstead Branch)
A Faun in Wall Street (John Myers O'Hara)
The Mystic (Witter Bynner)
The Cloud (Josephine Preston Peabody)
The Thought of her (Richard Hovey)
Song. "If love were but a little thing —" (Florence Earle Coates)
The Rosary (Robert Cameron Rogers)
Once (Trumbull Stickney)
Love knocks at the Door (John Hall Wheelock)
The Candle and the Flame (George Sylvester Viereck)
Stains (Theodosia Garrison)
De Massa ob de Sheepfol' (Sarah Pratt Greene)
Black Sheep (Richard Burton)
Let me no more a Mendicant (Arthur Colton)
Lincoln, the Man of the People (Edwin Markham)
The Master (Edwin Arlington Robinson)
On the Building of Springfield (Nicholas Vachel Lindsay)
The Poet's Town (John G. Neihardt)
The New Life (Witter Bynner)
Martin (Joyce Kilmer)
As in the Midst of Battle there is Room (George Santayana)
Ex Libris (Arthur Upson)
The Poet (Mildred McNeal Sweeney)
When I have gone Weird Ways (John G. Neihardt)
Trumbull Stickney (George Cabot Lodge)
Sentence (Witter Bynner)
Comrades (George Edward Woodberry)
Comrades (Richard Hovey)
Calverly's (Edwin Arlington Robinson)
Uriel (Percy MacKaye)
Azrael (Robert Gilbert Welsh)
The Flight (Lloyd Mifflin)
The Rival (James Whitcomb Riley)
A Rhyme of Death's Inn (Lizette Woodworth Reese)
The Outer Gate (Nora May French)
The Ashes in the Sea (George Sterling)
We needs must be divided in the Tomb (George Santayana)
Departure (Hermann Hagedorn)
Song (Richard Le Gallienne)
The Invisible Bride (Edwin Markham)
The Inverted Torch (Edith M. Thomas)
Night's Mardi Gras (Edward J. Wheeler)
The Mystic (Cale Young Rice)
I would I might forget that I am I (George Santayana)
To William Sharp (Clinton Scollard)
The Quiet Singer (Charles Hanson Towne)
After a Dolmetsch Concert (Arthur Upson)
On a Fly-Leaf of Burns' Songs (Frederic Lawrence Knowles)
Miniver Cheevy (Edwin Arlington Robinson)
At the End of the Day (Richard Hovey)
The Joy of the Hills (Edwin Markham)
The Lesser Children (Ridgely Torrence)
A Vagabond Song (Bliss Carman)
Somewhere (John Vance Cheney)
"Frost To-Night" (Edith M. Thomas)
Under Arcturus (Madison Cawein)
The Recessional (Charles G. Roberts)
I know not why (Morris Rosenfeld)
Winter Sleep (Edith M. Thomas)
Tryste Noel (Louise Imogen Guiney)
Hora Christi (Alice Brown)
A Parting Guest (James Whitcomb Riley)
A. Biographical Notes
Elsa Barker
William Stanley Braithwaite
Anna Hempstead Branch
Alice Brown
Richard Burton
Witter Bynner
Bliss Carman
Willa Sibert Cather
Madison Cawein
John Vance Cheney
Florence Earle Coates
Arthur Colton
Helen Gray Cone
Thomas Augustine Daly
Olive Tilford Dargan
Josephine Dodge Daskam
Fannie Stearns Davis
Chester Firkins
Nora May French
Theodosia Garrison
Sarah Pratt McLean Greene
Louise Imogen Guiney
Hermann Hagedorn
Theresa Helburn
Richard Hovey
Orrick Johns
Thomas S., Jr Jones
Joyce Kilmer
Frederick Lawrence Knowles
Louis V. Ledoux
Richard Le Gallienne
Vachel Lindsay
George Cabot Lodge
Amy Lowell
Percy MacKaye
Edwin Markham
Lloyd Mifflin
Edna St. Vincent Millay
William Vaughn Moody
John G Neihardt
Grace Fallow Norton
John Myers O'Hara
Shaemas O Sheel
Josephine Preston (Mrs. Lionel Marks) Peabody
Lizette Woodworth Reese
Cale Young Rice
James Whitcomb Riley
Charles G. D Roberts
Edwin Arlington Robinson
Robert Cameron Rogers
Morris Rosenfeld
George E Santayana
Robert Haven Schauffler
Clinton Scollard
Frank Dempster Sherman
George Sterling
Joseph Trumbull Stickney
Mildred McNeal Sweeney
Sara (Mrs. Ernst B. Filsinger) Teasdale
Edith M Thomas
Ridgely Torrence
Charles Hanson Towne
Louis Untermeyer
Arthur Upson
George Sylvester Viereck
Robert Gilbert Welsh
Edward J Wheeler
John Hall Wheelock
Florence (Mrs. Wilfrid Muir Evans) Wilkinson
George Edward Woodberry
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