The Second Book of Modern Verse

A Selection from the work of contemporaneous American poets

Selections made in 1919.


The Road not taken (Robert Frost)
Symbol (David Morton)
Spring (John Gould Fletcher)
"There will come Soft Rain" (Sara Teasdale)
Spring Song (William Griffith)
The Day before April (Mary Carolyn Davies)
Berkshires in April (Clement Wood)
In Excelsis (Thomas S. Jones, Jr.)
Blue Squills (Sara Teasdale)
Earth (John Hall Wheelock)
Trees (Joyce Kilmer)
Idealists (Alfred Kreymborg)
Blind (Harry Kemp)
Yellow Warblers (Katharine Lee Bates)
April — North Carolina (Harriet Monroe)
Path Flower (Olive Tilford Dargan)
Little Things (Orrick Johns)
New Dreams for Old (Cale Young Rice)
Invocation (Clara Shanafelt)
Dream (Anna Hempstead Branch)
Four Sonnets (Thomas S. Jones, Jr)
Chanson of the Bells of Oseney (Cale Young Rice)
Poets (Joyce Kilmer)
Acceptance (Willard Wattles)
In the Hospital (Arthur Guiterman)
Overnight, a Rose (Caroline Giltinan)
The Idol-Maker prays (Arthur Guiterman)
Reveille (Louis Untermeyer)
The Breaking (Margaret Steele Anderson)
The Falconer of God (William Rose Benét)
Dilemma (Orrick Johns)
To a Portrait of Whistler in the Brooklyn Art Museum (Eleanor Rogers Cox)
Flammonde (Edwin Arlington Robinson)
The Chinese Nightingale (Vachel Lindsay)
Love Songs (Sara Teasdale)
Love is a Terrible Thing (Grace Fallow Norton)
Valley Song (Carl Sandburg)
Spring in Carmel (George Sterling)
Music I heard (Conrad Aiken)
Dusk at Sea (Thomas S. Jones, Jr.)
Old Ships (David Morton)
The Wanderer (Zoë Akins)
Harbury (Louise Driscoll)
A Lynmouth Widow (Amelia Josephine Burr)
City Roofs (Charles Hanson Towne)
Eye-Witness (Ridgely Torrence)
God's Acre (Witter Bynner)
General William Booth Enters into Heaven (Vachel Lindsay)
Compensation (William Ellery Leonard)
A Girl's Songs (Mary Carolyn Davies)
The Enchanted Sheepfold (Josephine Preston Peabody)
Where Love is (Amelia Josephine Burr)
Interlude (Scudder Middleton)
The Lover envies an Old Man (Shaemas O Sheel)
"If you should tire of loving me" (Margaret Widdemer)
The Flower of Mending (Vachel Lindsay)
Venus Transiens (Amy Lowell)
The Dream of Aengus Og (Eleanor Rogers Cox)
"I am in Love with High Far-Seeing Places" (Arthur Davison Ficke)
You (Ruth Guthrie Harding)
Choice (Angela Morgan)
Song (Margaret Steele Anderson)
Romance (Scudder Middleton)
Good-Bye (Norreys Jephson O'Conor)
Beyond Rathkelly (Francis Carlin)
A Song of Two Wanderers (Marguerite Wilkinson)
In the Mushroom Meadows (Thomas Walsh)
The Path that leads to Nowhere (Corinne Roosevelt Robinson)
Days (Karle Wilson Baker)
Ellis Park (Helen Hoyt)
A Note from the Pipes (Leonora Speyer)
Afternoon on a Hill (Edna St. Vincent Millay)
Open Windows (Sara Teasdale)
Old Amaze (Mahlon Leonard Fisher)
Voyage a l'Infini (Walter Conrad Arensberg)
After Sunset (Grace Hazard Conkling)
Morning Song of Senlin (Conrad Aiken)
Good Company (Karle Wilson Baker)
"Feuerzauber" (Louis Untermeyer)
Birches (Robert Frost)
Fifty Years Spent (Maxwell Struthers Burt)
The City (Charles Hanson Towne)
The Most-Sacred Mountain (Eunice Tietjens)
The Chant of the Colorado (Cale Young Rice)
The Water Ouzel (Harriet Monroe)
Old Manuscript (Alfred Kreymborg)
The Runner in the Skies (James Oppenheim)
Evening Song of Senlin (Conrad Aiken)
A Thrush in the Moonlight (Witter Bynner)
Madonna of the Evening Flowers (Amy Lowell)
The New God (James Oppenheim)
Patterns (Amy Lowell)
Richard Cory (Edwin Arlington Robinson)
Of One Self-Slain (Charles Hanson Towne)
The Silent Folk (Charles Wharton Stork)
Convention (Agnes Lee)
Mad Blake (William Rose Benét)
The Name (Anna Hempstead Branch)
Songs of an Empty House (Marguerite Wilkinson)
The Hill Wife (Robert Frost)
A Love Song (Theodosia Garrison)
Envoi (Josephine Preston Peabody)
Our Little House (Thomas Walsh)
The Homeland (Dana Burnet)
Cradle Song (Josephine Preston Peabody)
Slumber Song (Louis V. Ledoux)
Ballad of a Child (John G. Neihardt)
Ambition (Aline Kilmer)
The Gift (Louis V. Ledoux)
The Ancient Beautiful Things (Fannie Stearns Davis)
Mater Dolorosa (Louis V. Ledoux)
Prevision (Aline Kilmer)
"A Wind Rose in the Night" (Aline Kilmer)
How much of Godhood (Louis Untermeyer)
The First Food (George Sterling)
The Monk in the Kitchen (Anna Hempstead Branch)
A Saint's Hours (Sarah N. Cleghorn)
A Lady (Amy Lowell)
The Child in Me (May Riley Smith)
The Son (Ridgely Torrence)
Muy Vieja Mexicana (Alice Corbin)
Hrolf's Thrall, His Song (Willard Wattles)
The Interpreter (Orrick Johns)
Old King Cole (Edwin Arlington Robinson)
Spoon River Anthology (Edgar Lee Masters)
Lincoln (John Gould Fletcher)
Abraham Lincoln walks at Midnight (Vachel Lindsay)
Prayer during Battle (Hermann Hagedorn)
Prayer of a Soldier in France (Joyce Kilmer)
The White Comrade (Robert Haven Schauffler)
Smith, of the Third Oregon, dies (Mary Carolyn Davies)
Song (Edward J. O'Brien)
Lonely Burial (Stephen Vincent Benét)
I have a Rendezvous with Death (Alan Seeger)
Rouge Bouquet (Joyce Kilmer)
Francis Ledwidge (Grace Hazard Conkling)
April on the Battlefields (Leonora Speyer)
Earth's Easter (Robert Haven Schauffler)
The Fields (Witter Bynner)
In Spite of War (Angela Morgan)
Wide Haven (Clement Wood)
To Any one (Witter Bynner)
Peace (Agnes Lee)
The Kings are passing Deathward (David Morton)
Jerico (Willard Wattles)
Students (Florence Wilkinson)
Tampico (Grace Hazard Conkling)
Which (Corinne Roosevelt Robinson)
Apology (Amy Lowell)
The Great Hunt (Carl Sandburg)
Dialogue (Walter Conrad Arensberg)
Song (Margaret Widdemer)
The Bitter Herb (Jeanne Robert Foster)
Behind the House is the Millet Plot (Muna Lee)
Men of Harlan (William Aspinwall Bradley)
Have you an Eye (Edwin Ford Piper)
After Apple-Picking (Robert Frost)
Autumn (Jean Starr Untermeyer)
Autumn Movement (Carl Sandburg)
God's World (Edna St. Vincent Millay)
Overtones (William Alexander Percy)
When the Year grows Old (Edna St. Vincent Millay)
In the Monastery (Norreys Jephson O'Conor)
The Narrow Doors (Fannie Stearns Davis)
"I Pass a Lighted Window" (Clement Wood)
Doors (Hermann Hagedorn)
Where Love once was (James Oppenheim)
Irish Love Song (Margaret Widdemer)
Nirvana (John Hall Wheelock)
A Nun (Odell Shepard)
Silence (Edgar Lee Masters)
The Dark Cavalier (Margaret Widdemer)
Indian Summer (William Ellery Leonard)
Death — Divination (Charles Wharton Stork)
The Mould (Gladys Cromwell)
In Patris Mei Memoriam (John Myers O'Hara)
Ad Matrem Amantissimam et Carissimam Filii in Aeternum Fidelitas (John Myers O'Hara)
Afterwards (Mahlon Leonard Fisher)
Pierrette in Memory (William Griffith)
The Three Sisters (Arthur Davison Ficke)
Song (Adelaide Crapsey)
The Unknown Beloved (John Hall Wheelock)
Cinquains (Adelaide Crapsey)
The Lonely Death (Adelaide Crapsey)
Exile from God (John Hall Wheelock)
Loam (Carl Sandburg)
Hills of Home (Witter Bynner)
The Last Piper (Edward J. O'Brien)
The Provinces (Francis Carlin)
Omnium Exeunt in Mysterium (George Sterling)
Moth-Terror (Benjamin De Casseres)
Old Age (Cale Young Rice)
Atropos (John Myers O'Hara)
A. Biographical Notes
Conrad Aiken
Zoe Akins
Margaret Steele Anderson
Walter Conrad Arensberg
Karle Wilson Baker
Katharine Lee Bates
Stephen Vincent (Benét) Benét
William Rose (Benét) Benét
William Aspinwall Bradley
Anna Hempstead Branch
Dana Burnet
Amelia Josephine Burr
Maxwell Struthers Burt
Witter Bynner
Francis (James F. C. MacDonnell) Carlin
Sarah N Cleghorn
Grace Hazard Conkling
Alice (Mrs. Wm. Penhallow Henderson) Corbin
Eleanor Rogers Cox
Adelaide Crapsey
Gladys Cromwell
Olive Tilford Dargan
Mary Carolyn (Mrs. Leland Davis) Davies
Fannie Stearns (Mrs. Augustus McKinstrey Gifford) Davis
Benjamin De Casseras
Louise Driscoll
Arthur Davison Ficke
Mahlon Leonard Fisher
John Gould Fletcher
Jeanne Robert Foster
Robert Frost
Theodosia (Mrs. Frederick J. Faulks) Garrison
Caroline <Mrs. Leo P. Harlow> Giltinan
William Griffith
Arthur Guiterman
Hilda Doolittle
Hermann Hagedorn
Ruth Guthrie <Ruth Guthrie Thomson Harding Burton> Harding
Helen Hoyt
Orrick Johns
Thomas S., Jr Jones
Harry Kemp
Aline (Mrs. Joyce Kilmer) Kilmer
Joyce Kilmer
Alfred Kreymborg
Agnes (Mrs. Otto Freer) Lee
Muna Lee
Louis V Ledoux
William Ellery Leonard
Vachel Lindsay
Amy Lowell
Edgar Lee Masters
Scudder Middleton
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Harriet Monroe
Angela Morgan
David Morton
John G Neihardt
Grace Fallow Norton
Edward Joseph O'Brien
Norreys Jephson O'Conor
John Myers O'Hara
Shaemas O Sheel
James Oppenheim
Josephine Preston (Mrs. Lionel Marks) Peabody
William Alexander Percy
Edwin Ford Piper
Cale Young Rice
Corinne Roosevelt Robinson
Edwin Arlington Robinson
Carl Sandburg
Robert Haven Schauffler
Alan Seeger
Clara Shanafelt
Odell Shepard
May Riley Smith
Leonora Speyer
George Sterling
Charles Wharton Stork
Sara Teasdale
Eunice Tietjens
Ridgely Torrence
Charles Hanson Towne
Jean Starr Untermeyer
Louis Untermeyer
Thomas Walsh
Willard Wattles
John Hall Wheelock
Margaret Widdemer
Florence (Mrs. Wilfrid Muir Evans) Wilkinson
Marguerite Ogden Bigelow Wilkinson
Clement Wood
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