Richard Le Gallienne

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Le Gallienne, Richard



Born at Liverpool, England, January 20, 1866. He was already a well-known poet, novelist, and critic when he took up his residence in the United States. In each of these fields Mr. Le Gallienne has achieved conspicuous success and it would be difficult to say what phase of his literary work should take precedence of the others. Among the best known of his prose works are: "The Quest of the Golden Girl", "Book Bills of Narcissus", "An Old Country House", "Little Dinners with the Sphinx", etc. In criticism he has done particularly fine work in his study of George Meredith and in his volume, "Attitudes and Avowals". In poetry, with which we are chiefly concerned, he has given us several volumes distinguished by that delicacy and sensitive feeling for beauty which characterize all of his work. These are: "English Poems", 1892; "Stevenson, and Other Poems", 1895; "New Poems", 1909; "The Lonely Dancer", 1913. In addition to these volumes, Mr. Le Gallienne has made an admirable paraphrase of the "Rubáiyát" of Omar Khayyám and of a group of odes from the "Divan" of Hafiz.

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