Thomas S. Jones, Jr.: Joyous-Gard

Updated September 23, 2019 | Infoplease Staff


Thomas S. Jones, Jr.

Wind-washed and free, full-swept by rain and wave,
By tang of surf and thunder of the gale,
Wild be the ride yet safe the barque will sail
And past the plunging seas her harbor brave;
Nor care have I that storms and waters rave,
I cannot fear since you can never fail —
Once have I looked upon the burning grail,
And through your eyes have seen beyond the grave.
I know at last — the strange, sweet mystery,
The nameless joy that trembled into tears,
The hush of wings when you were at my side —
For now the veil is rent and I can see,
See the true vision of the future years,
As in your face the love of Him who died!
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