The Little Book of Modern Verse: Appendix B. Notes to the text:

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Appendix B. Notes to the text:

Three different printings were used for comparison, all three of which were apparently from the same plates. The punctuation in particular was poorly printed, so even with three versions to choose from, in a few cases the punctuation had to be guessed at.

The Acknowledgements section has been mostly omitted.

Otherwise, only two significant changes to the text were made, other than adjusting the punctuation on an occasional title so that the title in the text matched that in the table of contents, a few other minor errors in punctuation, and the changes noted in the Biographical Notes.

In "Da Leetla Boy" by Thomas Augustine Daly, the second occurrence of the line "Of — w'at-you-call? …" was "Of — wa't-you-call? …" in the original. After observing the spelling of "w'at" in the other poem by Mr. Daly, this was changed to conform with the `correct' spelling.

"Sweeney, Mildred McNeal" was originally misspelled "Sweeney, Mildred McNeil" in the notes.

The note on Jessie B. Rittenhouse is new.

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