Smallest Countries in the World by Area

vatican city is less than one square kilometer

Vatican City
Source: AP

The top ten smallest countries, in square kilometers.

1.Vatican City0
5.San Marino61
7.Saint Kitts and Nevis261

The smallest countries in the world are commonly called microsates, although that's not an official term. The absolute smallest, the Vatican and Monaco, are modern-day city-states. Or rather, the Vatican is a neighborhood-state in a larger city. The Holy See is part of no country, but it is contained within (and is powered by) the city of Rome. It's so small that rounding down to the nearest half gives the seemingly impossible size you see in the table. 

NOTE: Country rankings aren't definitive; instead they provide an approximate comparison. Country data vary enormously depending on the sources, and there is an absence of reliable data on some countries.. Source: The World Factbook and the U.S. Census Bureau, International Database.

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