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Updated September 9, 2022 | Infoplease Staff
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Facts & Figures

  • Status: Overseas territory

    Governor: Peter Beckingham (2013)

    Premier: Rufus Ewing (2012)

    Total area: 238 sq mi (616.3 sq km)

    Population (2014 est.): 49,070 (growth rate: 2.58); birth rate: 16.61/1000; infant mortality rate: 10.97/1000; life expectancy: 79.55; density per sq mi: 132.1

    Capital (2011 est.): Grand Turk, 7,000

    Monetary unit: U.S. dollar

    Literacy rate: 98% (1970 est.)

    Economic summary: GDP/PPP (2007 est.): $632 million; per capita $29,100. Real growth rate: 11.2% (2007 est.). Inflation: 2.5% (2013). Unemployment: 10% (1997 est.). Arable land: 1.05%. Agriculture: corn, beans, cassava (manioc, tapioca), citrus fruits; fish. Labor force: 4,848 (1990 est.); about 33% in government and 20% in agriculture and fishing; significant numbers in tourism, financial, and other services (1997 est.). Industries: tourism, offshore financial services. Natural resources: spiny lobster, conch. Exports: $24.77 million (2008): lobster, dried and fresh conch, conch shells. Imports: $591.3 million (2008): food and beverages, tobacco, clothing, manufactures, construction materials. Major trading partners: U.S., UK (2004).

    Communications: Telephones: main lines in use: 3,000 (1994); mobile cellular: 0 (1994). Radio broadcast stations: AM 3 (one inactive), FM 6, shortwave 0 (1998). Radios: 8,000 (1997). Television broadcast stations: 0 (broadcasts from The Bahamas are received; cable television is established) (1997). Televisions: n.a.. Internet Service Providers (ISPs): 73,217 (2012).

    Transportation: Railways: 0 km. Highways: total: 121 km; paved: 24 km; unpaved: 97 km (2003). Ports and harbors: Cockburn Harbour, Grand Turk, Providenciales. Airports: 8 (2013).

    International disputes: have received Haitians fleeing economic and civil disorder.

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