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(Encyclopedia) Hirah h?r?, in the Bible, Judah's father-in-law.


(Encyclopedia) Hiram h?r?m. 1 In the Bible, king of Tyre, c.969?936 &BC;, a friend of David and Solomon. Solomon and Hiram shared in trade with India and the Mediterranean, and Hiram sent much?

Hiranuma, Kiichiro, Baron

(Encyclopedia) Hiranuma, Kiichiro, Baron k???ch?r? h?rno?om, 1865?1952, Japanese statesman, founder of the Kokuhonsha, a powerful militaristic and reactionary society. He became minister of?


(Encyclopedia) Hiratsuka h?rtso?ok, city (1990 pop. 245,950), Kanagawa prefecture, central Honshu, Japan, on Sagami Bay and the Sagami River. It is a commercial and industrial center with?


(Encyclopedia) Hirohito h?r?h?t?, 1901?89, emperor of Japan. He was made regent in 1921 and succeeded his father, Yoshihito (the Taish? emperor), in 1926. He married (1924) Princess Nagako Kuni (?


(Encyclopedia) hirola: see hartebeest.


(Encyclopedia) Hirosaki h?r?sk?, city (1990 pop. 174,704), Aomori prefecture, N Honshu, Japan. A commercial center, it has industries that produce silk and lacquer ware. It is a former castle town?


(Encyclopedia) Hiroshige (Ando Hiroshige)nd? h?r?sh?g??, 1797?1858, Japanese painter and color-print artist of the ukiyo-e school. His prolific work includes a series of landscapes (1833) entitled?


(Encyclopedia) Hiroshima h?r??sh?m?, h?r?shm, city (1990 pop. 1,085,705), capital of Hiroshima prefecture, SW Honshu, Japan, on Hiroshima Bay. It is an important commercial and industrial center?

Hirota, Koki

(Encyclopedia) Hirota, Koki k?k? h?r?t, 1878?1948, Japanese statesman. He graduated from the law school of Tokyo Univ. A career diplomat, he served as ambassador to Russia (1930?32) and as foreign?