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(Encyclopedia) Hims: see Homs, Syria.


(Encyclopedia) Himyaritic hmyrt´k, another name for Old South Arabian. See Arabic languages; Afroasiatic languages.

Hinault, Bernard

(Encyclopedia) Hinault, Bernard brnär´ n´, 1954–, French cyclist, b. Yffignac. Turning professional in 1977, he had more than 200 race victories and is best known as the third in his sport to win…

Hinckley, Gordon Bitner

(Encyclopedia) Hinckley, Gordon Bitner, 1910–2008, leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons; see Latter-day Saints, Church of Jesus Christ of), b. Salt Lake City, grad. Univ…

Hinckley and Bosworth

(Encyclopedia) Hinckley and Bosworth, district (1991 pop. 93,600), Leicestershire, central England. Hosiery and shoes are the chief manufactures. Other industries are dyeing and engineering.

Hincks, Sir Francis

(Encyclopedia) Hincks, Sir Francis, 1807–85, Canadian journalist and statesman, b. Ireland. Settling (1832) in York (now Toronto), he was soon drawn into the Reform party. In 1839 he became editor of…


(Encyclopedia) Hincmar hngk´mär, 806–82, Frankish canonist and theologian, archbishop of Reims (from 845). He was a supporter of Carolingian Emperor Louis I and a counselor of his son Charles II (…


(Encyclopedia) hindbrain: see brain.

Hindemith, Paul

(Encyclopedia) Hindemith, Paul hn´dmth, 1895–1963, German-American composer and violist, b. Hanau, Germany. Hindemith combined experimental and traditional techniques into a distinctively modern…