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Hinsley, Arthur

(Encyclopedia) Hinsley, Arthur, 1865–1943, English prelate, cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. Born in Yorkshire, he attended Catholic schools in England and Rome. He was ordained in 1893 and…


(Encyclopedia) Hiogo: see Kobe, Japan.


(Encyclopedia) hip, in human anatomy, the joint separating the thigh bone from the pelvis, and the surrounding flesh. The adult hipbone consolidates three bones separate in youth: the ilium, ischium…


(Encyclopedia) hip-hop: see rap music.


(Encyclopedia) Hipparchus hpär´ks, c.555–514 &BC;, Athenian political figure, son of Pisistratus. After the death of his father, he was closely associated with his brother Hippias, tyrant of…


(Encyclopedia) Hipparchus, fl. 2d cent. &BC;, Greek astronomer, b. Nicaea, Bithynia. He is the first systematic astronomer of whom there are records. He made his observations chiefly on the…


(Encyclopedia) Hippias hp´s, tyrant (527 &BC;–510 &BC;) of Athens, eldest son of Pisistratus. Hippias governed Athens after the death of his father. His younger brother Hipparchus was…


(Encyclopedia) Hippocrates hpk´rtz, c.460–c.370 &BC;, Greek physician, recognized as the father of medicine. He is believed to have been born on the island of Cos, to have studied under his…


(Encyclopedia) Hippocrene hp´krn: see Muses and Pegasus, in mythology.