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Bobby Thomson Biography

baseball playerBorn: 10/25/1923Birthplace: Glasgow, ScotlandDied: 8/16/2010 (Savannah, Ga.) Robert Brown Thomson came to the United States at age 2 and grew up…

Parry O'Brien Biography

shot-putterDied: April 21, 2007 (Ranch Belago, California) Best Known as: gold medalist who revolutionized shot-putting Three-time Olympic gold medalist who…

Abel, Walter

actorBirthplace: St. Paul, Minn.Born: 1898Died: 1987

Adams, Don

actorBirthplace: New York CityBorn: 1926Died: 2005

Adams, Edie

(Edie Enke)actressBirthplace: Kingston, Pa.Born: 4/16/29

Adams, Joey

comedianBirthplace: New York CityBorn: 1911Died: 1999

Adams, Mason

actorBirthplace: New York CityBorn: 1919Died: 2005

Adoree, Renée

(Renée La Fonte)actressBirthplace: Lille, FranceBorn: 1898Died: 1933