The Second Book of Modern Verse: AppendixB.Notes to the text:

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AppendixB.Notes to the text:

Though most of the publishers only required acknowledgements in the section devoted to such, one apparently insisted that they also appear in the text. These intrusions have been removed from the text, but are noted here:

Edwin Arlington Robinson.
`Flammonde' & `Old King Cole', reprinted from "The Man against the Sky", 1916.

Vachel Lindsay.
`The Chinese Nightingale' & `The Flower of Mending', reprinted from
"The Chinese Nightingale, and Other Poems", 1917.
`General William Booth Enters into Heaven', reprinted from
"General William Booth Enters into Heaven, and Other Poems", 1913.
`Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight', reprinted from
"The Congo, and Other Poems", 1914.

Sara Teasdale.
`Love Songs' (only the first 4 out of 5) reprinted from "Love Songs", 1917.

Scudder Middleton.
`Interlude' & `Romance', reprinted from "The New Day", 1919.

Amy Lowell.
`Venus Transiens' & `Madonna of the Evening Flowers' , reprinted from
"Pictures of the Floating World", 1919.
`Patterns', reprinted from "Men, Women and Ghosts", 1916.
`A Lady' & `Apology', reprinted from "Sword Blades and Poppy Seed", 1914.

John G. Neihardt.
`Ballad of a Child', reprinted from "The Quest", 1916.

Louis V. Ledoux.
`Mater Dolorosa', reprinted from "The Story of Eleusis", 1916.

Edgar Lee Masters.
`Spoon River Anthology' (selections from), reprinted from
"Spoon River Anthology", 1915.
`Silence', reprinted from "Songs and Satires", 1915.

Mary Carolyn Davies.
`Smith, of the Third Oregon, Dies', reprinted from
"Drums in Our Street", 1918.

Hermann Hagedorn.
`Doors', reprinted from "Poems and Ballads", 1913.

In some cases, e.g. "Love Songs" and "Spoon River Anthology",
there is a selection of short poems grouped together under the title
of the book from which they were drawn ? though in the case of "Love Songs",
only the first four are actually from the book of the same name.

The Acknowledgements section has been omitted.

Corrections to the text:
(These were checked against copies of the volumes from which
the poems were extracted.)

Spoon River Anthology. [Edgar Lee Masters]

"As Bryon's did, in song, in something noble,"
changed to
"As Byron's did, in song, in something noble,"

Abraham Lincoln walks at Midnight. [Vachel Lindsay]

added subtitle: (In Springfield, Illinois)

"A famous high-top hat and plain worn shawl"
changed to
"A famous high top-hat and plain worn shawl"

"The prairie lawyer, master of us all."
changed to
"The prairie-lawyer, master of us all."

Apology. [Amy Lowell]

"You blazen me with jewelled insignia."
changed to
"You blazon me with jewelled insignia."

Biographical Notes:

"H. D." was incorrectly identified as "Helena Doolittle".
This has been corrected to "Hilda Doolittle".

In addition, some information was added to the Biographical Notes, most notably dates for each author (when available) and which ones won a Pulitzer Prize, and in which year(s).