Wattles, Willard

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Wattles, Willard



Born in Bayneville, Kan., June 8, 1888. Educated at the University of Kansas, where he took the degree of A.B. in 1909 (Phi Beta Kappa) and of A.M. in 1911. Mr. Wattles took up the profession of teaching and was instructor in English at the High School, Leavenworth, Kan., 1910-11, leaving this position to go East and become one of the staff of the Massachusetts Agricultural College, where he remained until 1914, when he returned to his alma mater, the University of Kansas. He is still assistant in the English department of that college. He has published as yet but one collection, "Lanterns in Gethsemane", 1917, a volume of poems pertaining to the life of Christ, but not written in the usual vein of religious poetry. He is also the compiler of "Sunflowers", a book of Kansas poems, 1916.

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