Benét, William Rose (Benét)

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Benét, William Rose (Benét)



Born at Fort Hamilton, N.Y. Harbor, Feb. 2, 1886. Graduated at the Academy of Albany, N.Y., in 1904, and took the degree of Ph.B. from the Sheffield Scientific School of Yale University in 1907. In 1912 he was married to Teresa Frances Thompson, of San Francisco, who died in 1919. Mr. Benét was connected for several years with the `Century Magazine', first as reader and then as assistant editor, a position which he resigned to enter the Aviation Corps of the Army, during the World War. He is now one of the literary editors of the `Evening Post', of New York. His successive volumes of verse are: "Merchants from Cathay", 1912; "The Falconer of God", 1914; "The Great White Wall", 1916; "The Burglar of the Zodiac", 1918; and "Perpetual Light", 1919.

[Brother of Stephen Vincent Benét. Won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1942 for "The Dust Which Is God". Both were members of a talented family, in both military and literary affairs, descended from Minorcan settlers who lived in St. Augustine, Florida. — A. L., 1998.]

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