Towne, Charles Hanson

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Towne, Charles Hanson



Born at Louisville, Ky., Feb. 2, 1877. Educated at New York City College. Mr. Towne has been an active journalist, having been connected with several metropolitan magazines and successively editor of `The Smart Set', `The Delineator', `The Designer', and `McClure's Magazine'. Despite his journalistic work he has found time to write several volumes of poetry largely reflective of the life of to-day and particularly of Manhattan. The best-known are: "The Quiet Singer, and Other Poems", 1908; "Manhattan", 1909; "Youth, and Other Poems", 1910; "Beyond the Stars, and Other Poems", 1912; "To-Day and To-Morrow", 1916; and "A World of Windows", 1919.

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