Edward J. O'Brien: The Last Piper

Updated September 23, 2019 | Infoplease Staff

The Last Piper

Edward J. O'Brien

Dark winds of the mountain,
White winds of the sea,
Are skirling the pibroch
Of Seumas an Righ.
The crying of gannets,
The shrieking of terns,
Are keening his dying
High over the burns.
Grey silence of waters
And wasting of lands
And the wailing of music
Down to the sands,
The wailing of music,
And trailing of wind,
The waters before him,
The mountains behind, —
Alone at the gathering,
Silent he stands,
And the wail of his piping
Cries over the lands,
To the moan of the waters,
The drone of the foam,
Where his soul, a white gannet,
Wings silently home.
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