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The world is a very busy place, and it's hard to stay on top of everything. Infoplease has got you covered. Here are the world news events you need to know so far for October 2020:

  1. President Trump Tests Positive and Other Coronavirus Updates
  2. Coronavirus Updates (2)
  3. Trump Administration Imposes Restrictions on H-1B Visa
  4. BLM Protests Continue
  5. Coronavirus Updates (3)
  6. Coronavirus Updates (4)
  7. Record Breaking Votes
  8. Coronavirus Updates (5)
  9. Shooting in Philadelphia

President Trump Tests Positive and Other Coronavirus Updates

President Trump

On October 2, President Trump and his wife, First Lady Melania, both tested positive for COVID. Following the diagnosis, the two were taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure. President Trump has stated that he has developed a fever and chills, but “feels much better” after a brief stay at the hospital. On October 2, President Trump tweeted a video of himself thanking the hospital staff and discussing his situation. On October 3, it was reported that 24 states saw a 10% increase in positive coronavirus cases. Officials warn that it is still essential that we wear masks and socially distance. (CNN)

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Coronavirus Updates (2)

Trump Outbreak

On October 3, President Trump arguably put his staff at risk when he did a mini-parade to say hello to the well-wishers standing outside Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. President Trump rode down a few streets in an SUV with two Secret Service Agents. On October 3, it was also reported that at least 10 people in Trump’s inner-circle have tested positive for the virus. On October 4, New York Mayor de Blasio proposed to delay the reopening of schools in 9 neighborhoods that have high coronavirus rates. These zip codes have had over 3% positive cases for the last week. On October 4, Disney bloggers raised over $40,000 at a food bank dedicated to park employees who are in need. The fundraiser began after Disney announced mass layoffs due to the pandemic. On October 5, Vermont state officials announced a Covid-19 outbreak in an apple orchard that mostly employs migrants. At least 27 migrant workers have tested positive, and officials believe the first positive case occurred outside of Vermont and was brought in. On October 6, an elementary school teacher in North Carolina died after testing positive for Covid. On October 6, President Trump returned to the White House in “good condition.” On October 6, President Trump announced that he is ending all coronavirus relief talks until after the election. On October 10, President Trump’s physician stated the isolation period for the president is officially over. (CNN)

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Trump Administration Imposes Restrictions on H-1B Visa

Visa Restrictions

On October 7, The Trump Administration announced plans to place some restrictions on the H-1B Visa. This visa originally was formed to allow highly skilled foreigners to come to the US on a work visa. The Trump Administration has stated the restrictions will be imposed as a result of the high unemployment rate in the country. (CNN)

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BLM Protests Continue

Wisconsin Protests

On October 9, a “shelter in place” at the University of North Carolina Asheville was lifted after campus police received a threatening email regarding the BLM mural on campus. While the threat was investigated, classes and events on campus were cancelled and students were urged to stay inside. On October 10, protests in Wisconsin entered their third night after it was announced that the officer who shot Alvin Cole in February will not face charges. On October 9, a total of 30 protesters were arrested and police deployed tear gas on demonstrators. A curfew is now also in effect until Monday. (CNN)

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Coronavirus Updates (3)

US Coronavirus

On October 11, Protester Hardol “Heshy” Ticshler was taken into custody after an assault charge during an anti-covid protest in Brooklyn. Tischler is among a group of Orthodox Jewish people who have been protesting the new restrictions regarding places of worship. The new restrictions prevent gatherings in those places. On October 14, the organizers of a Chainsmokers concert were charged a $20.000 fine for violating Covid restrictions. The concert, held in July, was tightly-packed and ignored various guidelines. On October 14, YouTube announced it will ban false Covid vaccination videos. This new initiative comes after the platform's goal to eliminate misinformation. On October 14, it was reported that President Trump’s son Barron has tested positive for coronavirus after initially testing negative. On October 16, after over 700 students at the State University of New York tested positive, the president of the college announced his resignation. The university has since switched to a fully online version of learning. (CNN/BBC)

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Coronavirus Updates (4)

Congress Coronavirus

On October 19, it was reported that nearly 70,000 new cases were reported in a 24 hour period, setting a record for the US. Cases have been on a rise in 48 states, Missouri and Vermont are the only two states that see improved results. On October 21, coronavirus relief talks continued on in Congress. The Democrats are working on creating a stimulus bill to help restart the economy, but Republicans are hesitant to agree to a deal before the election. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has said some progress is being made. On October 23, after few months of opposing a federal mask mandate, Dr. Fauci stated that it might be time for the mandate to be placed. Fauci had hope that people would wear masks after emphasis was placed on its important, but due to the spike in cases, he thinks it may be time to mandate the facial coverings. On October 23, US cases reached an all-time high, with more than 83,010 cases reported in 24 hours. In the last week, there have been 441,541 cases in the US alone. (BBC/CNN)

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Record Breaking Votes

Record Breaking Votes

On October 19, various states reported record-breaking numbers regarding early votes ahead of the November 3 election. Many states have seen a dramatic increase in the number of absentee ballots. States are also seeing a boom in US postal ballot requests. So far, registered Democrats have voted more than registered Republicans. (BBC)

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Coronavirus Updates (5)

US Coronavirus

On October 25, a curfew was enacted in El Paso, Texas as Covid cases continued to soar and hospital beds lacked vacancy. The curfew, which is from 10 pm - 5am, will be in place for two weeks, and hopefully slow the spread of the virus. On October 25, it was reported that six aides to Vice President Mike Pence have tested positive for coronavirus. On October 26, it was announced that a plan to give early access coronavirus vaccines for people who work as Santa, Mrs. Claus and elves has been scrapped. The plan originally gave these workers early access in exchange for them promoting the vaccine while in character. On October 28, a Long Island country club was fined after hosting a wedding where at least 30 guests contracted Covid. The club was fined $17,000 for violating restrictions. On October 30, the US reached the highest daily coronavirus records, marking 94,000 new cases in just 24 hours. On October 31, New York Governor Cuomo announced that travelers to New York must test negative for coronavirus three days before coming to the state. This new policy replaces the old policy that requires travelers to quarantine 14 days upon entering the state. (CNN/BBC)

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Shooting in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Shooting

On October 27, police in Philadelphia fatally shot a black man who was allegedly weilding a knife, leading to nights of protests and looting in the city. On October 28, a curfew was put in place and the Pennsylvania National Guard was deployed in an attempt to prevent looting. The victim, 27-year-old Walter Wallace Jr., was said to have been a mental health patient and was on lithium. Currently, the two officers who responded to the scene are under investigation to see how much they knew about Wallace’s condition before attending the scene. (CNN)

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