March 2020 Current Events: World News

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The world is a very busy place, and it's hard to stay on top of everything. Infoplease has got you covered. Here are the world news events you need to know so far for March 2020:

  1. Air Attack in Turkey
  2. Coronavirus Updates Around the World
  3. Suicide Bomb in Tunisia
  4. Attack in Kabul
  5. Coronavirus Updates (2)
  6. Coronavirus Updates (3)
  7. Coronavirus Worsens in Italy
  8. Prison Riot in Colombia
  9. Coronavirus Updates (4)
  10. 2020 Olympics Could be Postponed
  11. North Korea Launches 6th Projectile

Air Attack in Turkey

Turkey Air Strike

On March 1, at least 33 Turkish soldiers were killed after an air strike launched from Syria. The strike has lead to heightened tension between the two countries that were just days away from withdrawing troops. (CNN)

Photo Source: AP Photo

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Coronavirus Updates Around the World


On March 4, Japan announced it will quarantine visitors from China and South Korea due to the Coronavirus. The visit of China’s president has also been delayed, but Japan says the Olympics are still on track. That same day, Australia banned visitors from South Korea in an attempt to curb Coronavirus. On March 5, Italy announced it will shut down all schools for a few weeks to try and contain the Coronavirus. All professional sporting events will have no fans in the stadium for the next month. So far, 107 people have died from the Coronavirus in Italy. Later, Iran announced it will temporarily free 54,000 prisoners in an attempt to curb the issue. As of March 6, the total number of Coronavirus cases worldwide topped 100,000. (BBC/Reuters)

Photo Source: AP Photo/Ebrahim Noroozi

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Suicide Bomb in Tunisia

Tunisia Attack

On March 6, two suicide bombers deployed bombs near the US Embassy in Tunisia. Four policemen and one civilian were injured, and one policeman died during the attack. The attack is suspected to be terrorism, but no group has claimed responsibility. (CNN)

Photo Source: AP Photo/Riadh Dridi

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Attack in Kabul

Kabul Attack

On March 6, over 30 people were killed after gunmen attacked a ceremony in Kabul. The ceremony was attended by top Afghan officials, but the chief executive remains uninjured. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack. (BBC)

Photo Source: AP Photo/Rahmat Gul

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Coronavirus Updates (2)

Italy Coronavirus

On March 9, Ireland announced it will cancel all Saint Patrick’s Day parades in an attempt to curb coronavirus. On March 12, Uganda announced that it is restricting travel to and from countries affected by the coronavirus. Among these countries are China, Germany, France, America, Iran, Italy, and South Korea. As of March 13, Italy is still on complete lockdown. On March 14, it was announced that Spanish cases are up 1,500 in the last 24 hours. (CNN)

Photo Source: Roberto Monaldo/LaPresse via AP

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Coronavirus Updates (3)


On March 15, after the first lady tested positive for coronavirus, Spain went on complete lockdown. Spain’s cases have advanced over the weeks, reaching nearly 8,000 confirmed cases and 288 deaths. On March 19, Uganda announced a ban of all weddings and religious ceremonies for the next month to prevent the spread of coronavirus. On March 20, the weekly Algeria anti-government protests were called off to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. (CNN)

Photo Source: AP Photo/Anis Belghoul

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Coronavirus Worsens in Italy

Italy Lockdown

On March 20, Italy faced one of its deadliest days since the coronavirus outbreak began, with 627 deaths. In an attempt to uphold lockdown restrictions, Italy has announced that it will release military troops to enforce restrictions. (CNN)

Photo Source: AP Photo/Andrew Medichini

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Prison Riot in Colombia

Colombia Riot

On March 22, a prison riot in Colombia, which was sparked by coronavirus fears, left 23 inmates dead and another 83 injured. After panicking, inmates attempted a mass escape attempt, leading to chaos. (CNN)

Photo Source: AP Photo/Fernando Vergara

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Coronavirus Updates (4)

Spain Outbreak

On March 23, millions of citizens in India were placed on lockdown until at least the end of the month since coronavirus cases have increased. On that same day, Nigeria announced its first coronavirus-related death. On March 24, Prince Charles announced that he has tested positive for coronavirus. On March 24, it was also announced that nearly a quarter of the world’s population is under quarantine due to the coronavirus. On March 26, it was announced that Rebel-help Syria would face water and soap shortages, and would also not practice social distancing. Experts expect coronavirus to ravage the area soon. On March 28, Italy’s fatality rate due to coronavirus surpassed 10,000, making it the highest death toll worldwide. Unlike its European counterparts, Sweden announced on March 28 that it will continue life as normal, with no lockdowns in sight. On March 31, Russia announced new laws that could lead up to 7 years in prison for those who break quarantine rules. (CNN/BBC)

Photo Source: AP Photo/Alvaro Barrientos

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2020 Olympics Could be Postponed

2020 Olympics

As of March 22, Tokyo claims the 2020 Olympics will still continue as planned; however, both Australia and Canada announced they will not send athletes unless the Olympics are postponed. The IOC has since announced that it is considering postponing the Olympics, but it will not cancel. On March 23, the IOC announced that the Olympics will be delayed one year, so it will take place Summer 2021. (CNN)

Photo Source: AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

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North Korea Launches 6th Projectile

North Korea Launch

On March 28, North Korea launched an unidentified projectile off the coast of Japan. This is the sixth launch in the last month. Japan, South Korea, and the US have all acknowledged the launch, but have yet to release what type of projectile it is. (CNN)

Photo Source: AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon

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