March 2020 Current Events: Disaster News

Updated September 25, 2021 | Infoplease Staff

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The world is a very busy place, and it's hard to stay on top of everything. Infoplease has got you covered. Here are the world news events you need to know so far for March 2020:

  1. Deadly Tornadoes Sweep Tennessee
  2. Heavy Rains in Brazil
  3. Earthquake Strikes Utah
  4. Flooding in Indiana
  5. Tornado Sweeps Arkansas
  6. Tornadoes Hit Alabama and Mississippi

Deadly Tornadoes Sweep Tennessee

Tennessee Tornado

On March 3, two tornadoes swept through Tennessee, killing 24 people and damaging hundreds of homes and buildings. The tornado hit while many people were sleeping, so they didn’t have enough time to take cover. A state of emergency continues to remain in place as rescuers scour the impacted areas. (CNN/BBC)

Photo Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

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Heavy Rains in Brazil

Brazil Heavy Rains

On March 5, heavy rains occurred in Brazil, killing at least 32 people. More than 5,000 people have been displaced as the rain is expected to continue and mudslides remain a possibility. (CNN)

Photo Source: AP Photo/Silvia Izquierdo

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Earthquake Strikes Utah

Utah Earthquake

On March 18, a 5.7 magnitude earthquake hit Utah, cutting over power to thousands of people. The quake comes amid pandemic panic across the country. (CNN)

Photo Source: AP Photo/Alex Goodlett

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Flooding in Indiana

Indiana Flood

On March 21, floods caused a bridge in Indiana to wash away, killing six people. Floodwaters also swept many cars into the creek. (CNN)

Photo Source: AP Photo / Bryan Woolston

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Tornado Sweeps Arkansas

Arkansas Tornado

On March 28, a tornado swept across Jonesboro, Arkansas, wrecking buildings and tossing cars. The city has 75,000 people, but no deaths or injuries have been reported. (Reuters)

Photo Source: AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

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Tornadoes Hit Alabama and Mississippi

Alabama Tornado

On March 31, three tornadoes hit Alabama and Mississippi after people were told to take shelter due to severe thunderstorms. The tornadoes caused severe damage, but no deaths have been reported. (CNN)

Photo Source: AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

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