Cabinet Members Under T. Roosevelt

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Secretary of State John Hay (Cont.)
Elihu Root, 1905
Robert Bacon, 1909
Secretary of the Treasury Lyman J. Gage (Cont.)
Leslie M. Shaw, 1902
George B. Cortelyou, 1907
Secretary of War Elihu Root (Cont.)
William H. Taft, 1904
Luke E. Wright, 1908
Attorney General Philander C. Knox (Cont.)
William H. Moody, 1904
Charles J. Bonaparte, 1906
Postmaster General Charles E. Smith (Cont.)
Henry C. Payne, 1902
Robert J. Wynne, 1904
George B. Cortelyou, 1905
George von L. Meyer, 1907
Secretary of the Navy John D. Long (Cont.)
William H. Moody, 1902
Paul Morton, 1904
Charles J. Bonaparte, 1905
Victor H. Metcalf, 1906
Truman H. Newberry, 1908
Secretary of the Interior Ethan A. Hitchcock (Cont.)
James R. Garfield, 1907
Secretary of Agriculture James Wilson (Cont.)
Secretary of Commerce and LaborGeorge B. Cortelyou, 1903
Victor H. Metcalf, 1904
Oscar S. Straus, 1906

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