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(Encyclopedia) lightning, electrical discharge accompanied by thunder, commonly occurring during a thunderstorm. The discharge may take place between one part of a cloud and another part (intracloud?

lightning rod

(Encyclopedia) lightning rod, a rod made of materials, especially metals, that are good conductors of electricity, which is mounted on top of a building or other structure and attached to the ground?

Struck by Lightning

Zeus, park rangers, and the probability of being struck by lightning by Borgna Brunner Lightning Links Lightning Dangers & Fatality StatisticsEncyclopedia: LightningWeather &?

Lightning Dangers

The National Weather Service publication Storm Data recorded a total of 4,049 deaths from lightning strikes from the year 1959 through 2014. According to the?

All About Lightning Preparedness

Lightning is powerful and bright and sometimes deadly. Being struck by lightning can cause a lot of health challenges and could prove fatal. According to the National Weather Service, 305 people?

Brewer's: Lightning

[Barca]. Hamilcar of Carthage was called ?Barca,? both on account of the rapidity of his march and also for the severity of his attacks. (B.C. 247-228.) Chain lightning. Two or more?

Brewer's: Lightning Preservers

The most approved classical preservatives against lightning were the eagle, the sea-calf, and the laurel. Jupiter chose the first, Augustus Caesar the second, and Tiberius the third. (?

Brewer's: Lightning Conductor

A metal rod raised above a building with one end in the earth, to carry off the lightning and prevent its injuring the building. It must be pointed at the top extremity to ensure a quiet?

Brewer's: Lightning Proof

A building protected by lightning conductors (one or more). Source: Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, E. Cobham Brewer, 1894Lightning RodLightning Preservers A B C D E F G H I J K?