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income tax

(Encyclopedia) income tax, assessment levied upon individual or corporate incomes. Although personal incomes were occasionally taxed in medieval Italian cities, the income tax is essentially a modern?

Farm Income

(in millions of dollars) This table features the U.S. farm income from 1930 to 2007, including the major categories of crops, livestock, government payments, and the?

Poverty and Income

Learn more about the results of the 2010 Census, poverty in the U.S., the richest Americans as well as statistics on income credit, debt, welfare, and more. Poverty What the 2010 Census?

Income and Credit

Find a list of American income and credit statistics below that includes U.S. GDP, total receipts and outlays of the Federal government, oustanding consumer credit,?

The Devil's Dictionary: Income

by Ambrose Bierce INAUSPICIOUSLYINCOMPATIBILITYINCOME -n. The natural and rational gauge and measure of respectability, the commonly accepted standards being artificial, arbitrary and?

National Income by Type

(in billions of dollars)Type of income193019401950196019701980199019952000200120022003National income$83.1$91.2$264.4$474.9$930.9$2439.3$5089.1$6453.9$8795.2$8981.2$9290.8$9707.8Compensation of?

The Federal Income Tax

The Question: When did the people start paying federal income tax? The Answer: According to the History of the Income Tax in our almanac, the?

Adjusted Gross Income

Gross income consists of wages and salaries, unemployment compensation, tips and gratuities, interest, dividends, annuities, rents and royalties, up to 85% of Social Security benefits if the?

Supplemental Security Income

The supplemental security income (SSI) program is a federally funded program administered by the Social Security Administration. Its basic purpose is to assure a minimum level of income to?


(Encyclopedia) gentrification, the rehabilitation and settlement of decaying urban areas by middle- and high-income people. Beginning in the 1970s and 80s, higher-income professionals, drawn by low-?