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(Encyclopedia) symbol, sign representing something that has an independent existence. The most important use of symbols is in language. To say so, however, does not solve the perennial philosophical?

Chinese music

(Encyclopedia) Chinese music, the classical music forms of China. Origins and Characteristics Chinese music can be traced back as far as the third millennium &BC; Manuscripts and instruments?

Chinese Dynasties

(Encyclopedia) Chinese DynastiesDynastyCharacteristics and HistoryHsia&nbspc.1994&#8211c.1523 B.C.Semilegendary Emperor Yu built irrigation channels, reclaimed land. Bronze weapons, chariots?


(Encyclopedia) patience: see solitaire.


(Encyclopedia) Patience: see Pearl, The.


(Encyclopedia) Chinese, subfamily of the Sino-Tibetan family of languages (see Sino-Tibetan languages), which is also sometimes grouped with the Tai, or Thai, languages in a Sinitic subfamily of the?

symbolic logic

(Encyclopedia) symbolic logic or mathematical logic, formalized system of deductive logic, employing abstract symbols for the various aspects of natural language. Symbolic logic draws on the concepts?

Brewer's: Animals (Symbolical)

AnimalAttributesantfrugality and previsionapeuncleannessassstupiditybantam cockpluckiness, priggishnessbatblindnessbearill-temper, uncouthnessbeeindustrybeetleblindnessbullstrength,?