Chinese Box

Updated June 26, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
DirectorWayne Wang
WritersWayne Wang, Jean-Claude Carrière, Larry Gross and Paul Theroux
Director of Photography:Vilko Filac
Editor:Christopher Tellefsen
Music:Graeme Revell
Production Designer:Chris Wong
Producers:Jean-Louis Piel, Lydia Dean Pilcher and Wayne Wang
Trimark Pictures; R; 109 minutes
Cast:Jeremy Irons, Li Gong, Maggie Cheung, Michael Hui and Rubén Blades

Wang's film about Hong Kong's 1997 reversion to Chinese rule stars Irons as John, a foreign journalist who is documenting the city's transition. As he meanders through the city, he bemoans his ailing health, the woman that left him (Gong) and the demise of civilization. Rich filmmaking but a surprisingly weak story.

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