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(Encyclopedia) adaptation, in biology, has several meanings. It can mean the adjustment of living matter to environmental conditions and to other living things either in an organism's lifetime (?

adaptive radiation

(Encyclopedia) adaptive radiation, in biology, the evolution of an ancestral species, which was adapted to a particular way of life, into many diverse species, each adapted to a different habitat.?

Chiabrera, Gabriello

(Encyclopedia) Chiabrera, Gabriello gbr?-?ll? kybr?r, 1552?1638?, Italian poet. He adapted classical forms to Italian verse and wrote graceful lyrics in the manner of Anacreon. Wordsworth?

Gerard, John

(Encyclopedia) Gerard, John j?rrd, j?rrd, 1545?1612, English botanist and barber-surgeon. He compiled a catalog (1596) of the plants in his garden, the first of its kind to be published in?

Cruz, Ramn de la

(Encyclopedia) Cruz, Ramn de la rm?n d? l kro?oth, 1731?94, Spanish dramatist. He wrote tragedies and adapted French and Italian plays, but he owes his fame to his sainetes, some 450 masterly one?

Mitchell, Margaret

(Encyclopedia) Mitchell, Margaret, 1900?1949, American novelist, b. Atlanta, Ga. Her one novel, Gone with the Wind (1936; Pulitzer Prize), a romantic, panoramic portrait of the Civil War and?


(Encyclopedia) ethnocentrism, the feeling that one's group has a mode of living, values, and patterns of adaptation that are superior to those of other groups. It is coupled with a generalized?


(Encyclopedia) halophyte h?l?f?t?, any plant, especially a seed plant, that is able to grow in habitats excessively rich in salts, such as salt marshes, sea coasts, and saline or alkaline?