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Brewer's: Twa Dogs

of Robert Burns, perhaps suggested by the Spanish Colloguio de Dos Perros, by Cervantes. Source: Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, E. Cobham Brewer, 1894TwangdilloTutivillus A B C D E?

Hughes, Howard Robard

(Encyclopedia) Hughes, Howard Robard, 1905?76, U.S. business executive, b. Houston. As a young man he inherited (1925) the patent rights to an oil tool drill, which, manufactured by the Hughes Tool?


(Encyclopedia) Ruanda-Urundi ro?ond-o?oro?ond?, former colonial territory, central Africa, now divided between the independent states of Rwanda and Burundi. The original inhabitants of the area?


(Encyclopedia) Pygmy or Pigmyboth: p?gm?, term used for dark-skinned people who live in equatorial rain forests and average less than 59 in. (150 cm) in height. Some studies make a distinction?

Saarinen, Eero

(Encyclopedia) Saarinen, Eero ?r? sr?n?n, 1910?61, Finnish-American architect, grad. Yale (B.A., 1934), became an American citizen in 1940; son of Eliel Saarinen. Saarinen's reputation was?


(Encyclopedia) Tuareg or Touaregboth: twr?g, Berbers of the Sahara, numbering c.2 million. They have preserved their ancient alphabet, which is related to that used by ancient Libyans. The Tuaregs?


(Encyclopedia) Rwanda ro?ond, officially Republic of Rwanda, republic (2015 est. pop. 11,630,000), 10,169 sq mi (26,338 sq km), E central Africa. It borders on Congo (Kinshasa) in the west, on?