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Brooklyn Bridge

(Encyclopedia) Brooklyn Bridge, vehicular suspension bridge, New York City, southernmost of the bridges across the East River, between lower Manhattan and Brooklyn; built 1869?83. The achievement of?

Bowery, the

(Encyclopedia) Bowery, the bou?r?, ?r? [Dutch Bouwerie=farm], section of lower Manhattan, New York City. The Bowery, the street that gives the area its name, was once a road to the farm of New?

Greenwich Village

(Encyclopedia) Greenwich Village gr?n?ch, residential district of lower Manhattan, New York City, extending S from 14th St. to Houston St. and W from Washington Square to the Hudson River. North of?


(Encyclopedia) Broadway, famous thoroughfare in New York City. It extends from Bowling Green near the foot of Manhattan island N to 262d St. in the Bronx. Throughout its length Broadway is chiefly a?


(Encyclopedia) Harlem, residential and business section of upper Manhattan, New York City, bounded roughly by 110th St., the East River and Harlem River, 168th St., Amsterdam Ave., and Morningside?

Calatrava, Santiago

(Encyclopedia) Calatrava, Santiago, 1951?, Spanish architect, grad. Institute of Architecture, Valencia (1974), Federal Institute of Technology, Zrich (Ph.D., 1981). He opened an architectural and?

Serra, Richard

(Encyclopedia) Serra, Richard, 1939?, American sculptor, b. San Francisco; grad. Univ. of California, Santa Barbara (B.A., 1961), Yale (B.F.A., M.F.A., 1974). Many of his early works (1960s) are cast?

Triangle Waist Company

(Encyclopedia) Triangle Waist Company, often called the Triangle Shirtwaist Co., manufacturers of women's cotton and linen blouses. Located in lower Manhattan in the early 20th cent., on Mar. 25?

Jersey City

(Encyclopedia) Jersey City, city (1990 pop. 228,537), seat of Hudson co., NE N.J., a port on a peninsula formed by the Hudson and Hackensack rivers and Upper New York Bay, opposite lower Manhattan;?

Da Ponte, Lorenzo

(Encyclopedia) Da Ponte, Lorenzo l?r?nts? d pnt?, 1749?1838, Italian librettist and teacher, b. Ceneda as Emmanuele Conegliano. Born Jewish, he converted to Catholicism at 14, became (1773) a?