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Korean War

(Encyclopedia) Korean War, conflict between Communist and non-Communist forces in Korea from June 25, 1950, to July 27, 1953. At the end of World War II, Korea was divided at the 38th parallel into?

Korean War (1950?1953)

1950North Korean Communist forces invade South Korea (June 25). UN calls for cease-fire and asks UN members to assist South Korea (June 27). Truman orders U.S. forces into Korea (June 27).?


(Encyclopedia) Panmunjom, officially Panmunjeomp?n?mo?onjm, village, N South Korea. It lies south of the 38th parallel, the military demarcation line that partitions Korea. In the Korean War the?


(Encyclopedia) Akashi ?ksh?, city (1990 pop. 270,722), Hyogo prefecture, W Honshu, Japan, on the Harima Sea and the Akashi Strait. Overfishing and marine pollution have hurt what was formerly an?


(Encyclopedia) Uijeongbu or Uijongbuo?o?jngbo?o, city (1995 pop. 276,255), Gyeonggi (Kyonggi) prov., NW South Korea. Part of Seoul's fringe industrial region, Uijeongbu is an agricultural?


(Encyclopedia) Rantoul r?nto?ol, village (1990 pop. 17,212), Champaign co., E Ill., in a rich blackland farm area that yields corn and soybeans; inc. 1868. The Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum and?

United Service Organizations

(Encyclopedia) United Service Organizations (USO), organization that supplies social, recreational, welfare, and spiritual facilities to members of the armed services. The USO was organized in 1941,?


(Encyclopedia) Gangwon or Kangwongngw?n, province (1995 pop. 1,466,794), N South Korea. Chuncheon is the capital. The 38th parallel that divided Korea after World War II ran through Gangwon, but?


(Encyclopedia) Yalu ylo?o, Korean Amnok, river, c.500 mi (800 km) long, rising in the Changbai Mts. in Jilin prov., NE China, and flowing SW to the Bay of Korea at Dandong; forms part of the China?