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Bowdler, Thomas

(Encyclopedia) Bowdler, Thomas boudl?r, b?d?, 1754?1825, English editor. He is best known for his Family Shakespeare (10 vol., 1818), an expurgated edition for family reading that, although?


(Encyclopedia) Encyclopdie Ns?klp?d?, the work of the French Encyclopedists, or philosophes. The full title was Encyclopdie; ou, Dictionnaire raisonn des sciences, des arts, et des mtiers.?


(Encyclopedia) communism, fundamentally, a system of social organization in which property (especially real property and the means of production) is held in common. Thus, the ejido system of the?

Cuba Department of State Background

U.S. Department of State Background Note Cuba Index: People and Religion History Government National Security Economy Foreign Relations U.S.-Cuban Relations PEOPLE AND RELIGIONCuba is a?

William Shakespeare: Titus Andronicus, Act I

Act IScene IRome. Before the CapitolThe Tomb of the Andronici appearing; the Tribunes and Senators aloft. Enter, below, from one side, Saturninus and his Followers; and, from the other side,?