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Cite Find an art glossary, definitions of several art movements, biographies of notable artists and photographers, museum info, and more. Great Museums Quiz Glossary of Art Movements?

Linkletter, Art

radio-TV personalityBirthplace: Moose Jaw, Sask., CanadaBorn: 7/17/12

Brewer's: Arts

Degrees in Arts. In the medival ages the full course consisted of the three subjects which constituted the Trivium and the four subjects which constituted the Quadrivium: The Trivium was?

The Art of War

Director:Christian DuguayWriters:Wayne Beach and Simon Davis BarryTime Warner; 105 minutes; RRelease:9/00Cast:Wesley Snipes, Anne Archer, Donald Sutherland Wesley Snipes continues sprinting?

Art Fleming

Art Fleming hosted the original version of the TV quiz show Jeopardy! from 1964 to 1975. The show's popularity and distinctive format -- contestants were given an answer and had to ask the right?

Art Bell

Nobody in talk radio quite compared to Art Bell when it came to entertaining the notions of UFOlogists, psychics and conspiracy theorists. From his one-man broadcasting center in Pahrump, Nevada,?

Art Tatum

Name at birth: Arthur Tatum, Jr.Art Tatum was one of the greatest American piano players of the 20th century, rising to fame in the 1930s on the strength of his virtuoso jazz performances. Tatum was?

Art (Play)

By:Yasmina RezaTranslated by:Christopher HamptonDirector:Matthew WarchusSets:Mark ThompsonLighting:Hugh VanstoneMusic: Gary YershonSound:Mic PoolOpened:3/98 at the Royale TheaterCast:Alan?

High Art

Director/Writer:Lisa CholodenkoDirector of Photography:Tami ReikerEditor:Amy E. DuddlestonMusic:Shudder to ThinkProduction Designer:Bernhard BlytheProducers:Dolly Hall, Jeff Levy-Hinte and?