The Art of War

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
Director:Christian Duguay
Writers:Wayne Beach and Simon Davis Barry
Time Warner; 105 minutes; R
Cast:Wesley Snipes, Anne Archer, Donald Sutherland

Wesley Snipes continues sprinting down the action path with The Art of War. In this high-octane spy movie he not only sprints, but also leaps off high balconies and takes out international thugs with advanced karate. Shaw (Snipes) is a member of the U.N.'s strong-arm "counterterrorist" unit. A free trade deal with China is threatened, the ambassador gets shot, and suddenly Shaw finds himself squeezed between two governments who both think he's responsible.

The plot is much more baroque than its summary. In fact, this would be a standard action flick if it weren't for the weirdness. Melodramatic, confusing edginess works wonders. The Art of War is overburdened with details and technologies, filled with excellent, ominous cityscapes, and is nearly inexplicable in a curiously pleasing way.

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