Gubernatorial Elections 2004

Eleven states, American Samoa, and Puerto Rico

Eleven states, American Samoa, and Puerto Rico will hold elections for governor this year. Below is a listing of the elections, the current governor, and the primary election date. General elections are Nov. 2, 2004.

1. Governor has indicated he/she will not seek reelection to another term.

Source: National Governors Association; Web: http://www.nga.org/.


Incumbent Governor

Primary Election Date

American Samoa Togiola T.A. Tulafono (D) No primary held
Delaware Ruth Ann Minner (D) September 11, 2004
Indiana Joseph E. Kernan (D) May 4, 2004
Missouri Bob Holden (D) 1 August 3, 2004
Montana Judy Martz (R) 1 June 8, 2004
New Hampshire Craig Benson (R) September 14, 2004
North Carolina Michael F. Easley (D) July 20, 2004
North Dakota John Hoeven (R) June 8, 2004
Puerto Rico Sila M. Calderón (PDP) 1 November 9, 2003
Utah Olene Walker (R) 1 June 22, 2004
Vermont Jim Douglas (R) September 14, 2004
Washington Gary Locke (D) 1 September 14, 2004
West Virginia Bob Wise (D) 1 May 11, 2004

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