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Explore the vast and diverse country of the United States, located in North America and bordered by Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. With its breathtaking landscapes, from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Plains to the coastal beaches of California and Florida, the United States is a place of wonder and cultural significance.

Across the U.S. map, discover iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and the Golden Gate Bridge, and experience the unique cities and cultures that make up this great nation. And experience United States maps with major cities, including the capital of the U.S.: Washington, D.C., which is a city with a rich history and a symbol of democracy worldwide.

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 Map of United States

History of the United States

The history of the United States dates back to the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492, which marked the beginning of a new era of exploration and colonization. Columbus's journey across the Atlantic Ocean opened up opportunities for trade and expansion that would shape the course of history.

Over the centuries, the country has undergone significant political and social changes, reflecting the complex and evolving nature of American society. The American Revolution in the 18th century was a pivotal moment in the country's history, as colonists fought for independence from British rule and established a new system of government based on democratic principles.

The 19th century brought further challenges and changes, including the Civil War, which was fought over issues of slavery and states' rights. The conflict reshaped the nation's political and social landscape, and led to the abolition of slavery and the reunification of the country.

In the 20th century, the United States continued to grapple with issues of equality and human rights, as the Civil Rights Movement sought to end racial segregation and discrimination. The struggle for civil rights was a defining moment in American history, and helped to create a more inclusive and just society.

Geography of the United States

The United States is a diverse and expansive country with a wide range of landscapes and climates that offer endless opportunities for exploration and adventure. It sits between the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west, visible on the world map.

From the towering peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the awe-inspiring depths of the Grand Canyon and the magnificent power of Niagara Falls, the country is home to many iconic natural landmarks that continue to captivate and inspire visitors from all over the world.

U.S. States and State Capitals

The America map is made up of fifty states, each with its own unique culture, history, and largest city. Some of the most populous states include California, Texas, and Florida, while New York is home to the country's largest city, New York City. The capital city of the United States is Washington D.C.

U.S. State Name Abbreviations

The United States is often abbreviated as the USA. Each state is also abbreviated, such as CA for California and NY for New York.

Tourist Attractions in the United States

The United States is a vast and diverse country, with countless attractions that appeal to tourists from all over the world. While major cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City may be the most popular destinations, there are also many other areas worth exploring.

For example, visitors can take in the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon, hike in the Rocky Mountains, or relax on the beaches of Florida. In addition to natural wonders, the United States is also rich in history and culture. Historical sites such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco or the Statue of Liberty in New York provide a glimpse into the country's past and the values that have shaped it.

Finally, the United States is home to many famous museums, art galleries, and theaters, offering visitors a chance to experience some of the best art and entertainment in the world.

National Parks in the U.S.

The United States is home to many national parks, including Yellowstone, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon. These parks are known for their natural beauty and diverse wildlife, and are popular destinations for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

San Francisco skyline with the Bay Bridge
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People Also Ask...

If you're inspecting the map of the United States, you may have some queries about the country. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, along with their answers.

Are There 50 or 52 States in the United States?

The United States of America is composed of 50 states. The country has 48 contiguous states, which are located in the mainland and are connected to each other, and two non-contiguous states, Alaska and Hawaii, located in the north and south of the continent, respectively.

Where Is the Center of the United States?

The geographic center of the United States is located in Castle Rock, South Dakota. However, there are different ways to define the "center" of a country, such as the population center or the mean center of population, which may produce different results. Nevertheless, Castle Rock is often considered the true center of the United States based on its location at the point where the 98th and 99th meridians intersect with the 45th parallel.

What Are All 50 States in America?

Alabama (AL)
Alaska (AK)
Arizona (AZ)
Arkansas (AR)
California (CA)
Colorado (CO)
Connecticut (CT)
Delaware (DE)
Florida (FL)
Georgia (GA)
Hawaii (HI)
Idaho (ID)
Illinois (IL)
Indiana (IN)
Iowa (IA)
Kansas (KS)
Kentucky (KY)
Louisiana (LA)
Maine (ME)
Maryland (MD)
Massachusetts (MA)
Michigan (MI)
Minnesota (MN)
Mississippi (MS)
Missouri (MO)

Montana (MT)
Nebraska (NE)
Nevada (NV)
New Hampshire (NH)
New Jersey (NJ)
New Mexico (NM)
New York (NY)
North Carolina (NC)
North Dakota (ND)
Ohio (OH)
Oklahoma (OK)
Oregon (OR)
Pennsylvania (PA)
Rhode Island (RI)
South Carolina (SC)
South Dakota (SD)
Tennessee (TN)
Texas (TX)
Utah (UT)
Vermont (VT)
Virginia (VA)
Washington (WA)
West Virginia (WV)
Wisconsin (WI)
Wyoming (WY)

U.S. Territories & Outlying Areas

American Samoa
Northern Mariana Islands

Puerto Rico
U.S. Virgin Islands

What Are the Capitals of the 50 States?

For 50 states, there are 50 capitals! From Montgomery to Cheyenne, explore the United States’ capitals in alphabetical state order.

Capital City State Capital City State
Montgomery Alabama Indianapolis Indiana
Juneau Alaska Des Moines Iowa
Phoenix Arizona Topeka Kansas
Little Rock Arkansas Frankfort Kentucky
Sacramento California Baton Rouge Louisiana
Denver Colorado Augusta Maine
Hartford Connecticut Annapolis Maryland
Dover Delaware Boston Massachusetts
Tallahassee Florida Lansing Michigan
Atlanta Georgia Saint Paul Minnesota
Honolulu Hawaii Jackson Mississippi
Boise Idaho Jefferson City Missouri
Springfield Illinois Helena Montana
Indianapolis Indiana Lincoln Nebraska
Des Moines Iowa Carson City Nevada
Topeka Kansas Concord New Hampshire
Frankfort Kentucky Trenton New Jersey
Baton Rouge Louisiana Santa Fe New Mexico
Augusta Maine Albany New York
Annapolis Maryland Raleigh North Carolina
Boston Massachusetts Bismarck North Dakota
Lansing Michigan Columbus Ohio
Saint Paul Minnesota Oklahoma City Oklahoma
Jackson Mississippi Salem Oregon
Jefferson City Missouri Harrisburg Pennsylvania
Helena Montana Providence Rhode Island
Lincoln Nebraska Columbia South Carolina
Carson City Nevada Pierre South Dakota
Concord New Hampshire Nashville Tennessee
Trenton New Jersey Austin Texas
Santa Fe New Mexico Salt Lake City Utah
Albany New York Montpelier Vermont
Raleigh North Carolina Richmond Virginia
Bismarck North Dakota Olympia Washington
Columbus Ohio Charleston West Virginia
Oklahoma City Oklahoma Madison Wisconsin
Salem Oregon Cheyenne Wyoming

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