Gubernatorial Elections 2002

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Gubernatorial Elections 2002
Thirty-six states, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands

Thirty-six states, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands held elections for governor in 2002. Below is a listing of the elections, the then current governor, and the primary election date. Click on the state name to link to state election sites.

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Incumbent Governor

Primary Election Date

Alabama Don Siegelman (D) June 4
Alaska Tony Knowles (D)1 Aug. 27
Arizona Jane Dee Hull (R)1 Sept. 10
Arkansas Mike Huckabee (R) Oct. 15
California Gray Davis (D) March 5
Colorado Bill Owens (R) Aug. 13
Connecticut John G. Rowland (R) Sept. 10
Florida Jeb Bush (R) Sept. 10
Georgia Roy Barnes (D) Aug. 20
Guam Carl T.C. Gutierrez (D)1 Sept. 7
Hawaii Benjamin J. Cayetano (D)1 Sept. 21
Idaho Dirk Kempthorne (R) May 28
Illinois George Ryan (R)2 March 19
Iowa Tom Vilsack (D) June 4
Kansas Bill Graves (R)1 Aug. 6
Maine Angus S. King Jr. (I)1 June 11
Maryland Parris N. Glendening (D)1 Sept. 10
Massachusetts Jane M. Swift (R)2 Sept. 17
Michigan John Engler (R)1 Aug. 6
Minnesota Jesse Ventura (MN Independence)2 Sept. 10
Nebraska Mike Johanns (R) May 14
Nevada Kenny Guinn (R) Sept. 3
New Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen (D)2 Sept. 10
New Mexico Gary E. Johnson (R)1 June 4
New York George E. Pataki (R) Sept. 10
Ohio Bob Taft (R) May 7
Oklahoma Frank Keating (R)1 Aug. 27
Oregon John A. Kitzhaber (D)1 May 21
Pennsylvania Mark Schweiker (R)2 May 21
Rhode Island Lincoln Almond (R)1 Sept. 10
South Carolina Jim Hodges (D) June 11
South Dakota William J. Janklow (R)1 June 4
Tennessee Don Sundquist (R)1 Aug. 1
Texas Rick Perry (R) March 12
Vermont Howard Dean, M.D. (D)2 Sept. 10
Virgin Islands Charles Turnbull (D) Sept. 14
Wisconsin Scott McCallum (R) Sept. 10
Wyoming Jim Geringer (R)1 Aug. 20

1. Governor is prohibited from seeking reelection to another term.

2. Governor has indicated he/she will not seek reelection to another term.

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