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Find out about pirates, the most and least corrupt nations in the world, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, coups since 2000, the deadliest countries for journalists and more.

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Timeline: Pirates

Pirate History

The World's Most-Wanted Fugitives

Territories, Colonies, and Dependencies

Communist Countries, Past and Present

Coups Since 2000

Kingdoms and Monarchs of the World

Noble Titles and Ranks in a Monarchy

King: Royal Titles & Noble Ranks

Prince: Royal Titles & Noble Ranks

Duke: Royal Titles & Noble Ranks

International Statistical Agencies

Freedom in the World

Global Trends in Freedom

The Death Penalty Worldwide

Most Vulnerable Countries

Most Repressive Societies

Most Censored Countries

Deadliest Countries for Journalists

Most Livable Countries

Least Livable Countries

Most Corrupt Countries

Least Corrupt Countries

Immigration Crisis

Refugees: Countries of Origin

Mediterranean Migrant Deaths

History of Violence against Russian Opposition

The Bribe Payers' Index

World's Ten Most Corrupt Leaders

Women Political Leaders —Historical and Current

State Sponsors of Terrorism, the “Axis of Evil,” and “Outposts of Tyranny”


World Statistics


World Statistics
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