Cabinet Members Under Ford

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Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger (Cont.)
Secretary of the Treasury William E. Simon (Cont.)
Secretary of Defense James R. Schlesinger (Cont.)
Donald H. Rumsfeld, 1975
Attorney General William B. Saxbe (Cont.)
Edward H. Levi, 1975
Secretary of the Interior Rogers C. B. Morton (Cont.)
Stanley K. Hathaway, 1975
Thomas S. Kleppe, 1975
Secretary of Agriculture Earl L. Butz (Cont.)
John Knebel, 1976
Secretary of Commerce Frederick B. Dent (Cont.)
Rogers C. B. Morton, 1975
Elliot L. Richardson, 1976
Secretary of Labor Peter J. Brennan (Cont.)
John T. Dunlop, 1975
William J. Usery, Jr., 1976
Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare Caspar W. Weinberger (Cont.)
F. David Mathews, 1975
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development James T. Lynn (Cont.)
Carla A. Hills, 1975
Secretary of Transportation Claude S. Brinegar (Cont.)
William T. Coleman, Jr., 1975

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