Cabinet Members Under Eisenhower

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Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, 1953
Christian A. Herter, 1959
Secretary of the Treasury George M. Humphrey, 1953
Robert B. Anderson, 1957
Secretary of Defense Charles E. Wilson, 1953
Neil H. McElroy, 1957
Thomas S. Gates, Jr., 1959
Attorney General Herbert Brownell, Jr., 1953
William P. Rogers, 1958
Postmaster General Arthur E. Summerfield, 1953
Secretary of the Interior Douglas McKay, 1953
Frederick A. Seaton, 1956
Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson, 1953
Secretary of Commerce Sinclair Weeks, 1953
Lewis L. Strauss1, 1958
Frederick H. Mueller, 1959
Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare Oveta Culp Hobby, 1953
Marion B. Folsom, 1955
Arthur S. Flemming, 1958
Secretary of Labor Martin P. Durkin, 1953
James P. Mitchell, 1953
1. Not confirmed by the Senate.

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