Men's Olympic Hammer Throw Through the Years

Hammer Throw

Find the Olympic gold-medal times for the men's hammer throw competition from 1900 to the present.

Year DistanceRecord
1900John Flanagan, USA163- 1 
1904John Flanagan, USA168- 1OR
1908John Flanagan, USA170- 4OR
1912Matt McGrath, USA179- 7OR
1920Pat Ryan, USA173- 5 
1924Fred Tootell, USA174-10 
1928Pat O'Callaghan, IRE168- 7 
1932Pat O'Callaghan, IRE176-11 
1936Karl Hein, GER185- 4OR
1948Imre Németh, HUN183-11 
1952József Csérmák, HUN197-11WR
1956Harold Connolly, USA207- 3OR
1960Vasily Rudenkov, USSR220- 2OR
1964Romuald Klim, USSR228-10OR
1968Gyula Zsivótzky, HUN240- 8OR
1972Anatoly Bondarchuk, USSR247- 8OR
1976Yuri Sedykh, USSR254- 4OR
1980Yuri Sedykh, USSR268- 4WR
1984Juha Tiainen, FIN256- 2 
1988Sergey Litvinov, USSR278- 2OR
1992Andrei Abduvaliyev, UT270- 9 
1996Balazs Kiss, HUN266- 6 
2000Szymon Ziolkowski, POL262- 6 
2004Koji Murofushi, JPN*272- 0 
2008Primoz Kozmus, SLO269- 1 
2012Krisztian Pars, HUN264-4 3/4 
Hungary’s Adrian Annus was initially awarded the gold medal for his throw of 272-11, but after questions were raised about the legitimacy of his post-competition drug test, and he failed to submit to a follow-up test, he was disqualified and stripped of the gold.


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