Men's Olympic Discus Throw Through the Years

Discus Throw

Find the Olympic gold-medal times for the men's discus throw competition from 1896 to the present.

Year DistanceRecord
1896Bob Garrett, USA95- 71/2 
1900Rudolf Bauer, HUN118- 3OR
1904Martin Sheridan, USA128-101/2OR
1906Martin Sheridan, USA136- 0 
1908Martin Sheridan, USA134- 2OR
1912Armas Taipale, FIN148- 3OR
1920Elmer Niklander, FIN146- 7 
1924Bud Houser, USA151- 4OR
1928Bud Houser, USA155- 3OR
1932John Anderson, USA162- 4OR
1936Ken Carpenter, USA165- 7OR
1948Adolfo Consolini, ITA173- 2OR
1952Sim Iness, USA180- 6OR
1956Al Oerter, USA184-11OR
1960Al Oerter, USA194- 2OR
1964Al Oerter, USA200- 1OR
1968Al Oerter, USA212- 6OR
1972Ludvik Danek, CZE211- 3 
1976Mac Wilkins, USA221- 5 
1980Viktor Rashchupkin, USSR218- 8 
1984Rolf Danneberg, W. GER218- 6 
1988Jürgen Schult, E. GER225- 9OR
1992Romas Ubartas, LIT213- 8 
1996Lars Riedel, GER227- 8 
2000Virgilijus Alekna, LIT227- 4 
2004Virgilijus Alekna, LIT*229-3OR
2008Gerd Kanter, EST225- 9 
2012Robert Harting, GER223-11 
*Hungary’s Robert Fazekas had a throw of 232 feet, 8 inches, and was initially declared the winner, but he was disqualified for failing to submit to a drug test following the competition.


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