Men's Olympic Track & Field: Men's Olympic Javelin Throw Through the Years

Javelin Throw

Find the Olympic gold-medal times for the men's javelin throw competition from 1908 to the present.

Year DistanceRecord
1908Eric Lemming, SWE179-10WR
1912Eric Lemming, SWE198-11WR
1920Jonni Myyrä, FIN215-10OR
1924Jonni Myyrä, FIN206- 7 
1928Erik Lundkvist, SWE218- 6OR
1932Matti Järvinen, FIN238- 6OR
1936Gerhard Stöck, GER235- 8 
1948Kai Tapio Rautavaara, FIN228-10 
1952Cy Young, USA242- 1OR
1956Egil Danielson, NOR281- 2WR
1960Viktor Tsibulenko, USSR277- 8 
1964Pauli Nevala, FIN271- 2 
1968Jänis Lüsis, USSR295- 7OR
1972Klaus Wolfermann, W. Ger296-10OR
1976Miklos Németh, HUN310- 4WR
1980Dainis Kula, USSR299- 2 
1984Arto Härkönen, FIN284- 8 
1988Tapio Korjus, FIN276- 6 
1992Jan Zelezny, CZE294- 2*OR
1996Jan Zelezny, CZR289- 3 
2000Jan Zelezny, CZR295- 10OR
2004Andreas Thorkildsen, NOR283- 9 
2008Andreas Thorkildsen, NOR297- 1OR
2012Keshorn Walcott, TRI277-5 7/8 
*In 1986 the balance point of the javelin was modified and new records have been kept since.


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