Men's Olympic Shot Put Through the Years

Shot Put

Find the Olympic gold-medal times for the men's shot put competition from 1896 to the present.

Year DistanceRecord
1896Bob Garrett, USA36- 93/4 
1900Richard Sheldon, USA46- 31/4OR
1904Ralph Rose, USA48- 7WR
1906Martin Sheridan, USA40- 51/4 
1908Ralph Rose, USA46- 71/2 
1912Patrick McDonald, USA50- 4OR
1920Ville Pörhölä, FIN48- 71/4 
1924Bud Houser, USA49- 21/4 
1928John Kuck, USA52- 03/4WR
1932Leo Sexton, USA52- 6OR
1936Hans Woellke, GER53- 13/4OR
1948Wilbur Thompson, USA56- 2OR
1952Parry O'Brien, USA57- 11/2OR
1956Parry O'Brien, USA60-111/4OR
1960Bill Nieder, USA64- 63/4OR
1964Dallas Long, USA66- 81/2OR
1968Randy Matson, USA67- 43/4 
1972Wladyslaw Komar, POL69- 6OR
1976Udo Beyer, E. Ger69- 03/4 
1980Vladimir Kiselyov, USSR70- 01/2OR
1984Alessandro Andrei, ITA69- 9 
1988Ulf Timmermann, E. Ger73- 83/4OR
1992Mike Stulce, USA71- 21/2 
1996Randy Barnes, USA70- 111/4 
2000Arsi Harju, FIN69- 101/4 
2004Yuriy Bilonog, UKR69-51/4 
2008Tomasz Majewski, POL70- 7 
2012Tomasz Majewski, POL71-03/4 


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