Men's Olympic Swimming

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff

50-meter Freestyle

100-meter Freestyle

200-meter Freestyle

400-meter Freestyle

1500-meter Freestyle

100-meter Backstroke

200-meter Backstroke

100-meter Breaststroke

200-meter Breaststroke

100-meter Butterfly

200-meter Butterfly

200-meter Individual Medley

400-meter Individual Medley

4x100-meter Freestyle Relay

4x200-meter Freestyle Relay

4x100-meter Medley Relay

At least 4 gold medals (including relays): Michael Phelps (14); Mark Spitz (9); Matt Biondi (8); Gary Hall Jr. (6); Charles Daniels, Tom Jager, Don Schollander, Ian Thorpe and Johnny Weissmuller (5); Tams Darnyi, Roland Matthes, John Naber, Aleksandr Popov, Murray Rose, Vladimir Salnikov and Henry Taylor (4).